Another Choice, made!

Esshmile! πŸ™‚

So, I too, enter the world of blogging!
I’ll start off with a confession: My presence in the blogging world is 60% because of, what you’d call, ‘Peer Pressure’.
It’s a really powerful force, this Peer Pressure [Not to be confused with Beer Pressure! :P] And contrary to usual beliefs, its all not that bad.
When its good, I’d say, your part of a crowd…and when its bad…well, your part of a mob! πŸ™‚
In my case, a lot of good has come out of peer pressure, like say… music, or interest (albiet just a little) in sports and most importantly, poetry writing….and now… blogging!
And the bad? For some (lucky) reasons, Ive been blessed with a set of really awesome friends, who haven’t yet PP’ed (Peer Pressured*) me into anything that bad!

The rest, 40%…well, hey, Its a place where I can write/show whatever I want to and get away with it! πŸ˜€
So, What am I going to do here, specifically? A place where I can blabber my thoughts freely, share interesting stuff and post shocking news?
Frankly, I really don’t know! Don’t think I ever will either. That, maybe the result of, My Untamed Mind πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Another Choice, made!

  1. >life is a poem… d art of livin it is a song… d publishin of d fact of livin it is bloggin-crap i jst made up :Pbut stil, hearty welcom to d wrld of bloggin πŸ™‚ n ur thoughts r sth ppl wil relish to read n i fr one wil be a tru fan..-urs truly πŸ˜›

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