Sorry! I’m Busy!


Busyness… The term is really quite relative. And it could have various degrees of like-ability.
Theres that ‘I love what I’m doing’-busy…. That, ‘I dont mind this’-busy…. The ‘Hmph, Gotta get this done somehow’-busy…and the worst, the ‘OH DAMN! I DONT HAVE TIME’-busy… and….

So, this morning, I was thinking what next to put up in this blog and I got a message from a senior, which read, ‘Dude, Did you prepare for the Quiz you are conducting tomorrow?’
Suddenly, something really heavy struck me. And it did NOT feel good.

Well, for general info, I’m a first year, dual degree student of the Metallurgy and Mat. Engg dept of IITM and we’re having our department’s Tech Fest, ‘Amalgam’ starting today till Sunday (6th Feb). [ Yeah, This could also be interpreted as publicity for Amalgam =D ]
I am that fest’s Quiz Coord, and I was supposed to prepare a ‘Grand’ quiz for the event, which is held tomorrow. And, as could be easily guessed, I have not prepared anything for it….yet!

So, as soon as afternoon lab session got over, I hopped into my car and wanted to rush home, to do the quiz work. During the whole 1 hour journey from college to home, I thought of quiz questions….At least, thats what I should have done… ! Instead, being the Daredevil I think I am, I peacefully slept off, even though the AC was kinda too high. I woke up to see that 2 hrs had passed, and thanks to a terrible traffic jam ( was too sleepy to see where I was) had not reached home yet.

Finally, when I did reach home, A ‘brilliant’ idea struck me. “Why don’t I blog this?”
Man, you see, LOVES to be in a thrilling situation. The weirdest ideas sometimes crop up, at the most inconvenient of times.
I’ve been getting calls from friends asking me to attend the inaugural function of the fest. My reply, ‘Sorry! I’m Busy! I’m preparing the quiz!’….
Why do we do this? Well, I’m guessing, its a mixture of perhaps, disinterest and also, a confidence that even though we waste some time, the work, will somehow be done.
Is this good? Hell No! That really haunting feeling you get, when you ought to do some work fast, yet your time-passing, is not a pleasurable one. But hey, The sense of satisfaction, when you complete that work, is really, Heavenly! And i think, that is why, we people, still do this! (Atleast, 83% of the humans ;-D )

Right, so I’m gonna make that quiz now!

PS: As I typed, I did mange to make up 7 questions. (Multi-tasking… 😛 )


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