Musings on A Blank Sheet…

Hey ppl!

As a student, I, like all others have been faced with the situation, where I’m given a black sheet of paper, and another sheet, printed this time, which a lot of gibberish written all over it. Most of those sentences started with ‘Explain’ or ended with a ‘?’…. Most teachers call this a ‘Question Paper’…or something of that sort. We, quite obviously, call them, ‘Torture Paper’, and quite frequently, we also use the variation, ‘Toilet Paper’ !Β 
And so, on one such occasion, during my ‘intricate’ process of deciphering the gibberish, my focus shifted, quite naturally, to that blank answer sheet. And so began, a chain of thought, which I shall descibe briefly:

Hmm, A Blank Sheet…What can we do with this Blank Sheet?Β 
We could, maybe, write an awesome poem or maybe do some intricate line art/pencil shading. We could write articles, make paper planes…heck, we could even pen down some sheet music for an orchestral piece! ( Warning: Last one is advised for experts. Many have suffered from deafness and insomnia from Crap Music xP )

From there, my thoughts wandered to, What am I gonna get from using this Blank Sheet?Β 
An outlet to vent my creative energy? To get a quick buck, maybe? Critical Acclaim, perhaps? Parental disapproval (Which, btw is what I would get if I had left that paper blank πŸ˜€ ) The Ladies? (What? I’m a normal teen too, dude! =D)

Right, so if I do decide to take my the Blank Sheet, what do I need to succeed?
Thats quite simple. A HUGE stockpile of Inspiration. A wide ocean of Imagination. Peace, Soltitude and maybe, a kinda reclusive personality…. and Huge (Delusions of) Talent..Β 
Yup, easy stuff ! xP

Not heeding to the time, or the fact that the invigilator was staring at me, probably thinking I had given up hopes of attempting the Torture Paper, my thoughts went on to…What’d I do, if I depleted my stockpile of Inspiration?
Then, Maybe I should take a trip to the woods, An Artist’s retreat, as they call it… Or Read/Reflect on great works of art… Or Sleep…maybe even have Mind-Altering Drugs (Gee, i wonder how THAT came into my mind! )
I then detoured to what unwanted stuff could happen when ! was ‘recuperating’… I could, umm, be attacked by a tiger in the woods, or get highly Demoralised after seeing the great artworks… Plain oversleeping ( which I’m prone to! πŸ˜€ )…or get arrested for drug abuse. LOL!

Now suddenly, a teeny-tiny portion of my head remembered that I had to write on this sheet.Thoughts became gloomy… I thought, ‘Man, What if I fail to conquer The Blank Sheet!?’
Flee the world of The Blank Sheet? Wander the Epic Wilderness of Unfinished Work and Disappeared Inspiration? Tear it all up and take another Blank Sheet? Or just make sacrifices and prayers to the Blank Sheet gods?

Hmm, in any case, The invigilator came next to me and gave a really, cold stare; actually, it had a bit of sympathy as well. Well, I guess that was the end of the Blank Sheet Analysis…Back to deciphering the Tragic Torture Paper……!


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