More than ‘Just Friends’

Hullo people!

Have you watched Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na? As far as I comprehended the movie, its about this awesome 2 people, who were really, really close friends, but later, discovered that their relationship was not mere friendship; it was, rather, The Pinnacle of Relationships, Love.

I watched that movie more than half a year ago (Yea, I know, Damn late!), and thought, ‘Yea, Bollywood. Terrific imagination!’.
Well folks, turns out, the ever-ignorant Me, was shocked to know that that situation is very much possible.
How do I know that? No, Not personal experience (Ob 😛 ).

Recently, 2 of my friends ( A ‘He’ and a ‘She’), got into an argument. Apparently, ‘She’ said she wouldn’t speak to him ‘forever’,  for a reason, at that time, obscured (to  me, at least). For a fact, fights between these two were common, and I should have been quite used to this by now. Thing was, for a change, it was ‘He’ who told me something was wrong. Well, more probing and thinking, (On my part), led me to the conclusion that, once again, a mood swing had swept over her. Mood Swings do this? Why ‘Him’, you ask me?

The history of these two go back ages, of which, I know jus a small portion of. Lets just say, there was an attempt to upgrade a friendship to The Pinnacle, and somehow, that just didnt work out, and so, they decided to continue as ‘Friends’. Close Friends.

Ok, as usual, at the end of the day, (in this case, close to, the end), my thoughts, wandered.
What was the problem? My answer was quite simple. MAN-DOESN’T-FORGET.
Or at least, most don’t. Surely, there would many times, when you would have ‘forgiven’ someone for something they did, but the next time you you him/her, everything comes back and you’ll be on your guard.
Likewise here, just that its a LOT more complicated.

You have that immense need to be in each other’s company, but can’t do that, because maybe, others may think ‘something’s up’. You constantly shift between two states of mind, not really knowing where you really belong. You feel your ‘not  good enough’ or ‘not worthy of him/her’, and go into a self-imposed depressed state, while the other person has no idea, whats happening. You want to prove you can live, peacefully, without the other person, in turn torturing yourself mentally and again, the other person would remain in bewilderment.

I’ll give an example of how confused one can be in such a situation.
On asking what ‘She’ really felt, the reply was, ” ‘He’ makes me feel Happy and Beautiful…umm, Other guys also make me feel Happy and Beautiful… ” 😛

What to make of this? Like the majority of semi-sane people on the planet, I too love happy endings. Good news, as far as I know, their argument is ‘adjourned’ (Since I can NEVER say, over!).
Will they finally figure where they stand and decide accordingly? Time, only time will tell! 🙂

Anyways, for people who were looking for a comedy write-up, Sorry, this time, it was kinda on a serious side.
Perhaps, next time? 😀 …Lol, Only Time will tell =P


4 thoughts on “More than ‘Just Friends’

  1. >sreedeep!It amazes me how well you can relate to people's minds and find the exact words to emote. thats what gets the reader an instantaneous connection with the piece of work. and somehow i laughed while reading this!

  2. >bro ter's sth calld ethics whch d wrld is ignorant of nw a days 😦 n gals wat stereotypd guys.. pappu din't get adhithi, point to be noted.. but some one's gotta finish off salman kahn 1st, or b4 i get my 6pack..PS: sry fr takin discussion outta focus here but dude i mean gals jst don't think tat a guy wo luvs thm NO MATTR WAT is evr gonna be gud enuf fr thm, PERIOD

  3. >well, css, i think u may have got the point of this post comepletely wrong. i, cannt pinpoint a fault in the girls part. nor can i with the guy, in this case.ur comment is kinda relevant in a gen sense tho.and, for heaven's sake, how did salman khan come here! o_O

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