Lets face it. That four-letter word never fails to bring chills down any student. Esp. so, if the student, had the unique opportunity, to study in India. 😛
When we were chotta-bacchas, exams were a nice thing. Questions were interactive and not plain boring, like they are now. For some reason, as far as Ive seen, students till their 6th are not worried about their exams and actually, like to study. But, as we grow old(er), that laziness kicks in, and naturally, we sulk, we complain, we rebel and in the end….try to find, the easier way out.
What do I mean by easier way out?
A classic reaction to most of our examinations, is superbly acted out by Mr.Bean, in this short clip…
Familiar? If it isn’t, your not worthy of being a teen student!! xP
Very comical, it does seem. But really, when you dunno ANYTHING in a paper, what CAN you do, to pass?
And no, Flashes of Brilliance and Child Prodigy Power —–> bullshit!
Most of the time, we fail to do exams decently, just because, we get stuck up, on a few questions. Which, ultimately, leads to frustration, restlessness and then, the need to cheat.
You think copying is as funny as it is in the video? The experienced, tell me that the thrill experienced is unique and awesome. I’m sorry, but 83% ( 😛 ) of the time, thats not the case. And the repercussions in getting caught, is, dear friends, FAR from smile-worthy.
Umm, for example, here at IITM… Click here….
And no, I did not make all that up!!
The reactions I heard after people read that :
“Machi, terror ah iruku le?”, “Dude, WTF was that? o.O”, “Hahaa, semma comedy da…!!”,  “Man, we’re screwed”, “Naiiiceeeee.”…
I’m quite sure this isn’t going to stop anyone from actually cheating. As i had written earlier, in a different context, We just LOVE to take that risk. We are defined by that fearless risk taking, and we are quite proud of it too!


7 thoughts on “Exams.

  1. >worst quotation evr said,Zero is bttr than copyin…y don't somebody tell em to give a DNC (did not copy) or a DKC (doesn't kno to capy 😉 ) to ppl wo fail rathr than a U ????!

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