This Time, 2010.

Hi all!

Memories. Our life is one big collage of various events that crossed our paths, during the course of our time.
The year 2010 was a pretty big one in my life and I’m sure it was for many of my batchmates as well.
Why? Here in India, being a Science student, and being interested in Engg, more often than not equates to the following:

  1. Destroy the Boards and/or
  2. Clear IIT-JEE/AIEEE.

Seems mundane and uncool, no? Well, It sure is, when looked at the academics point of view.

In my case though, I can very confidently say, that I may have had the most fun time of my life, during my preparations for JEE. All credit to that, goes to my awesomely terror set of friends, who always managed to rock any place we were in!

Why did we enjoy the classes?

Pre class chatter. Seems stupid? You have no idea what we people can yap about! The latest scandals and rumors, making up new scandals and rumors ( 😛 ), sledging, betting and daring… I still remember some really EPIC dares, where one of my friends had to give a chocolate to a girl, only to find the chocos were heart shaped… #HILARIOUS!

Obviously, observation of the opposite gender ( 3:-D ) was a regularity, even though, sometimes it was a rarity… ;P. And the random going to local shops, buying chips packets and seeing them empty in 2 seconds, or sneak silently while you savour your meal. only to be chased down by rabid friends who sniffed you out during their break-time prowlings!

And I have to confess, the academic part of my life was also, quite a riot. I was blessed with studd profs for physics and chem and just attending their classes was bliss. Interactive classes, rock…always, and their work, paid off, as we all are quite happy where we are.

Accepted, this time, last year, all of us plain tensed. Tensed, cos we had to score in 2 big examinations. But, upfront, we all had that, ‘Who-gives-a-damn’ smile and a Cool cat attitude.

As i wrote this, I kinda realised, that wherever we are, whatever we do, in the end, its the people who we are with, that defines how much we actually enjoy, what we do. And I’m lucky, that JEE gave me a chance, to get to know my friends better, and also, to make, many more true friends! And also…for letting me enter Insti 😀

This is to all of you out there, who made my life, LEGEN…..wait4it….DARY!!

WE ROCK!! \m/


5 thoughts on “This Time, 2010.

  1. >Dey macha…. I know i haven't read the entire loads ah stuff that u've put up here…. But 'll give it to ya now…. This one'd Unbeatably the one that roxx our heartz man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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