Willow Wisp!


Thinking why so Indian, suddenly? Nothing really, just those rare patriotic times we all get into.

Being born Indian, we are mostly almost defined by characteristic traits. Like, we are natural misers…we love to complain about everything, and of course, we don’t bother to act in anyway at all! We keep our  houses immaculate, but our surroundings like our local garbage dump. Oh wait, did i say like a garbage dump? It is one isn’t it? 😛
But heres a very important defining character.

We. Love. Cricket. Period.
And right now, especially when the CWC is going on live, on Indian soil…with TV ads filled with Sehwag’s Upar Cutt, Bhajji’s MyCan Doosra and Win it for Sachin…There’s no better time to get patriotic.
I am no Cricket Fanatic, mind you. Right after the WC season, I’ll be back to La Liga (Jai Barca! 😀 )and EPL. I do not really know who has the best economy among fast bowlers, nor do I know who has taken the most number of singles.
Here’s what I do know. India is playing. A simple 3 word sentence, that for some reason, brings goosebumps on most Indians, ANYWHERE, in the world. (Note: The goosebumps are greater when the opposition is Pakistan or Australia! 😀)

Cricket is one special force that unites us Indians; the most popular relegion, of most Indians.
I think its even safe to say that 83% of the so-called atheists in India, do actually believe in one god, Sachin Tendulkar! \m/
This legend, the Little Master, has such a huge fan following, one even Rajnikant can’t possibly beat!
A close friend of mine, a master ambigrammer, and a blogger, posted his first main post, modeled on this God. Check it out here.
So, as long as we have people like these around, Cricket will remain the King of Indian Entertainment.
With huge tides of fans, thronging every pub/club/living room/common room ( 😀 ) in the vicinity, the atmosphere is electric right now!

What I think about the current WC? Nothing really. But it is much much more fun that the last edition! Shocker matches, Chocker matches, Irritating matches, Expected matches…theres one for everyone!
Who I think will win? Dumb question. India!….
[Conscience –> “Thats who you want to win, dumbo!”
Me –> “Oh…yeah..watev!” xP)


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