New Era in Indian Cricket.

Hey folks!

Its been a very long time. Have been really busy lately… And my computer still isn’t fixed up. Somehow, blogging in someone else’s lappy just doesn’t feel right.
This isn’t a real blog post. As you all must be knowing, India won the ICC World Cup, on home soil; the first time any team has done so, in the process, shattering many, many well established jinxes.
In a previous post, I had written about cricket in India, the sheer intensity it creates. And HA! I predicted the winner too xD

Along with a set of buddies, we watched the match at our college’s open air theater. Sheer awesomeness throughout! And we took a video of the post match celebrations.
This post is just to share a video I made. 🙂 Hope you like it!

I’ll surely be back soon with a proper blog post!
Till then, revel in the fact that we are now, World Champions \m/
Peace out! \/


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