Letting them wander…

*Startled, raises head from the droop it was in; squints at the brightness; breathes in; smiles*

The human brain. A wonderful masterpiece by The Creator, indeed. It observes. It learns. It stores.

Whats inside!?

The human mind. Some say its part of the brain. I don’t think so. Unlike the brain, it analyses. It invokes emotions. And then perhaps, give the analysis to the brain to store!

We are happy, when our mind analyses and gives a positive message as an output. We are unhappy, when it instead, gives a negative one. The thing is, in both cases we are quite clear what we are feeling.
Now, what if the mind gets stuck. What is there isn’t any output? Well, now imagine that the brain is still doing its work.  Its still observing and learning. And storing without an analysis.

What you have now, is an overload of information and no idea what it means. In other words, you are Confused. You are unclear what you feel at that time. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you’ll just be clogged, dazed. Your mind is ‘preoccupied’. And really, that feeling is really, really frustrating. Your mind knows it is in such a mess, yet its helpless.
During such times, anything you do, is, in all probabilities, gonna fail. If not fail, the outcome would really ordinary at best. Which just adds on to that frustration.

There isn’t ANY human in the world, who wouldn’t have felt this. And getting rid of it is not really a piece-of-cake kind of issue. The most common thing we all try to do is distract ourselves. We try to do things we generally like. And what we mostly end up doing is, get more confused. Why you ask? My reply would be simple: You are still doing things. Your brain is still storing more stuff and your mind is still stuck!!

Much like modern computers, our mind also needs to be defragmented. And the best way, I feel it can be done (which is the way I do it ! 😀 ), is just hit the Pause button. A time to introspect. And more often that not, staring at an empty, open space just speeds up the process!

Calm. Clarity. Confidence.

How? The stuck mind, is a mess of unconnected facts and emotions. Its stuffed over its limits and we have this illusion of being cramped and stuffy ourselves, because of this. Now, imagine a scenic view. Wide open space and everything in perfect order, The order of Nature. Our mind, loves to imitate. It sees order, it would try to be ordered it self. It sees space. It would try to make space as well! And since we are just taking in a vast, never-ending picture, the brain does no much work. And the mind, well it gets all the time it needs to sort everything out! It unclogs itself and it untangles that mess of facts and emotions! It lets them all wander in that emptiness and they come back, solid and coherent!

When all that is almost done, you droop your head one last time and then you do the first line of this blogpost! A wave of clarity and enlightenment crashes down on you and the world, is understandable again.

PS: This post was in response to the ‘Man Staring at the Sky’ picture, posted as part of the Pic Prompts challenge in TE. 🙂
And, I’d love discussions on this brain-machine analogy that I thought up! 🙂

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