Darkness and The Wait

And its dead!

Ok so, my day started fine. Woke up at 1130, had my morning dose of caffeine and was casually going the my facebook newsfeed (and yes, the stalking of some profiles… admit it, you ALL do that! ). I got a call from a friend of mine. He was like, “Dude, bloody power cut here da!”.

Well, that was something we all were used to. Power cuts. And boy what a pain in the neck is it!  This irritating phenomenon, strips us off one of the only economical luxuries in India, The Electric Fan!  Not to mention, the expensive luxury, The Air Conditioner (aka. Yey-see 😛 )! Sathyama, I can’t imagine surviving this ruthless Chennai heat without AC! But what pisses me off even more during a cut… No internet. Nightmare! Thanks to a weird vacation this time around, apart from all the football and grocery shopping, The Internet is the only thing that keeps me going. And when they kill that off… OH THE HORROR! All I can say is, God bless the person who invented the battery and sms. 😀

But there are people who take that a little too far. Take my aunt for example. If the power goes off even for 5 minutes at night, she would be groaning, “Ahh, its so hot here!”. The time would be some 130am and I’d have switched the AC on at 1130. Seriously, How hot can it get in 5 minutes?! 

Addicted, these people are. Summer implies 24/7 AC for them. And the electricity bill? “Who gives a damn?“, is what their minds responds! Comforts first apparently, and the economy of the same is really, not given any real importance!

Anyways, just like the power cuts that have been bothering me, another major headache, for me, is the delay in getting my passport! God! Inefficient is an understatement!! 


It has been 5 months since I gave it for renewal, thinking that would be early enough to go to UAE in June.  Well, apart from not receiving it yet, it seems it will take, 1 whole month more, to get it. What jokers are in the PassportAuthority of India?! 

Now many people may ask and have asked me, “Why didn’t you use Tatkal?“… Two reasons: One, Seems we need to know the Superintendent of Police and get a lorry load of forms signed from him. And two, C’mon! Who would have thought I’d take more than Half a Year, to get a passport renewed! Atrocious!
So, this effectively means, I won’t be going anywhere till late June! Bright side: I get to stay in Chennai when everyone is here. 😀

My apologies to my pals back there. I will be there soon, with the gracious blessings of the Passport Authority!


2 thoughts on “Darkness and The Wait

  1. Hi yaa… 🙂 .. the first part ( electricity ) i have hardly experienced it !!! i am from Pondicherry !! :)… but the second part,experiencing it now .. I have applied for passport(fresh) in February still no response….

    ” What jokers are in the PassportAuthority of India?! ” super !!! Good blog post !! Great Man Continue this !! 🙂

    1. Hey! No power cuts!? Lucky you are! It’s better now though, just an hour long now!
      And you too? Glad I’m not the only victim! I did get the passport though, a few days back. The jokers there put the wrong stamp there! Had to spend about 7 hours at the passport office, just to get a new stamp.
      Govt offices in India.. Royal facepalm only!
      Thanks for you comment bro 🙂

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