I mean like, to be frank…

Ahoy there!

What Oxford says.

English. A language used, and misused by the billions across the globe. It’s really  hard to imagine a life on modern Earth, without a universal language, like English.

Right so why am I suddenly talking about English? After all, wasn’t it just a time pass subject we had in school; a necessary evil to converse with people who, irritatingly, did not know our mother tongue!?
Well, all said and  done, Eng. has become inseparable in our lives and the more we use it, unknowingly, certain phrases and words have slithered their way into our daily personal and professional discourse. Its like those irritating allergies that plague our daily lives; our speech is littered with such phrases. The sad part : We don’t even know or realize we have such linguistic ‘allergies’!

So, I’ve used my very precious time ( OK, stop laughing 😀 ) to analyse the many overused, meaningless phrases people generally use…! (That’d just mean I’ve been chatting a lot! 😉 )
Here we go!

“I mean, like” and variants with ‘like‘ – So whats the deal here?! You think you are a walking Facebook Ad, screaming, ‘Like, Like!’ ? And really, more than 83% of the time it is used, there is really nothing to ‘like’! IMO, all it does it stall speech. And makes conversations DAMN annoying! Check this video.

Yeah, I know that’s a little overdone, but you get my drift. 🙂

This may or may not be true” – Well, talk about covering your ass! What’s the point in telling it if you have no idea if what you are saying is true? There are variations too. “This may or may not happen”…Wow, I sure can make some solid plans with that piece of information, buddy!

“May or may not” is an utterly useless phrase; it conveys no meaning and yet used liberally!

To be frank..” – Isn’t this a very frequently heard one? Just imagine now. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. Kinda ‘serious’ matter it was. At one point, he said, “Well, to be honest with you…”. Here’s how I took it, “Hey pal, Listen up! I’ve been lying all this time.”
Well, thanks for the tip dude! Nothing beats a sentence like that to reassure me! 😐

You know” – Another really annoying filler. Comes as a jodi with ‘Like’ most of the time. As in, “Like, as i was saying, he went to the doc’s and you knowlike, he was fine!” Ena koduma sir ithu? (What a burder sir,  this is?)

It’s not rocket science” – I guess this is a more personal peeve. 😛 Why, in the name of Kalam does it have to be rocket science? Why not brain surgery? Why even have such a phrase!?

LOL!” – The Kingpin of overused words. I bet half the people do not know or have forgotten what it even stands for – Laugh Out Loud! Tell me, how many of you really LOL, when you type, ‘LOL’?
Most conversations in the net are mundane now.
“Hey, ssup?” “Nm bro lol, u?” “Same dude, lol” 
I mean, WTH was that!?
Kinda shamefacedly, I did used to use this word excessively! Well, until the revelation and ever since, I’ve LOL’d only when I really do!

I am, in no way saying that I do not use these. There are instances when we all do use these, either by force of habit or need. And many of these phrases are used for emphasis. But quite logically, they lose their emphasis if overused, no? 🙂

I could keep writing more on that, but I guess this posts has already crossed the limit of enjoy-ability!!

And yes, this was an inspired post. Click here to go to that write-up. Many other words are there. Have a ball.

And feel free to share your thoughts on the post or blog… 🙂

Peace out \/


7 thoughts on “I mean like, to be frank…

  1. Nice one. But whatever one says in retrospect, anyone who uses these words/phrases does so involuntarily. The silence that may be used instead of these fillers, again, has a thousand meanings, damn it ! So its better to be boring than ambiguous, really!

    1. true that. but there are many other ways, other than silence, to convey the message, without these cliched phrases or words. in an active conversation, ‘boring’ is not the way to go i feel.

      1. You don’t get my point. Again, An active conversation demands much thinking, and not everyone speaks in a continuous flow. The pauses will obviously be inordinate and odd. These fillers make it so much less odd, while giving the guy thinking time.

        1. true. but overuse of words like, ‘like’ is just irritating, and could as well be replaced by the standard, ‘umm’ and ‘err’. plus. phrases like ‘LOL’ and ‘…rocket science’ are not just fillers. they are added specifically not as something to buy out the person some time.

  2. That’s right. Sometimes, people who genuinely say that stuff Involuntarily are also classified under the “Rocket science” group.

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