Note: To all Insti junta reading this, ID does NOT refer to the pack level Ecology course.

Disclaimer: I am a true Indian and am proud of the accomplishments of the country. Please do not misquote anything written below. Ask your conscience and you will know I do make sense.


Happy? I think not!

ID – Independence  Day.
0000 hrs. 15 August. The time and date when India, finally, got Independence from British rule. It was a long, hard-fought struggle. Many great people put down their hearts and souls to achieve Independence.

Granted, we, being the 21st century kids, would really not know how British rule was. We know only what the books tell. And it speaks of taxation, of subjugating the lowly Indians, or divide-and-conquer and more such atrocities. And if you are a true Indian, your blood SHOULD boil.

Men and women, courageous at heart and visionary in outlook. That was the India that dreamed. That was the India that dreamed of prosperity, of brotherhood and peace.
That, is quite clear from the Indian National Flag, designed by the same visionary Indians.

Woah, Wait! Prosperity, Brotherhood, Peace?! You gotta be kidding me right? 64 years after all that, I really do not see any prosperity. As oft quoted, “The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.” Uniform prosperity is something we really couldn’t achieve. Why? Oh, ‘democracy’ and capitalism maybe? Surprised I mentioned democracy? I’m not talking about the ideology behind democracy. No, rather, I’m talking about Indian democracy, where its the power that matters. It’s call it DemoCRAZY here. In the pursuit of that power, Brotherhood is quaintly overlooked. Peace is not an option, obviously, to win an ‘election‘. The sad part is, I really do not think our founders really expected this from us.

Prosperity. For that, our local industries should prosper. But is it? In simple terms, NO! At least our farmers are contributing in decreasing our population by committing suicide! -_-
There are some esteemed people in our country who go around, feigning care and support, when all they are really aiming for is personal and egoistic gains. yes, they are our politicians, the descendants of people like Nehru who we have, ironically elected, to look into our grievances!
Let’s divert a little bit now. From my knowledge, education is quite important in bringing out prosperity. To that respect, our great leaders, formed colleges like the IITs and NITs to increase the number of world-class engineers in our country. To build the infrastructure needed to develop our infant country. Well, they didn’t do much for the country. So what are they doing? They go abroad and settle there, helping that country prosper. Again, popularly known as Brain Drain.

Our National Anthem (which by-the-way, with no offence to any other country intended, sounds the best to me) also speaks of unity in diversity, a clichéd phrase people use to describe India.
Well, a huge sham is all I can say! I searched, I search and for all I know, I’ll keep searching for that unity! we were once such a land, United towards a common goal. Now, we have taken the former unity for granted. we have evolved into self-centered people, with money and power as our soul/sole goals. We say the Jewish are miserly, have we EVER looked at ourselves?
I still wonder what people would do with 1.65 lakh crores of rupees. Mind-boggling to say the least!

The British divided us successfully wrt religion, divided us into 3 different countries. And what have we done? Pretty much the same really. We split 3 of our states and AP is next in the list. Why? Oh yea, the same. Power. Of course there is unity. Unity of own’s own caste and ideology, that is.
Fanaticism. Yea, it sucks bigtime. But I bet the politicians would disagree though. How else could they create and appease their vote bank!

And anyone remembers what’s written on Our Emblem? I think its ‘Satyameva Jayate’, translating to ‘Truth alone Triumphs’. Well, I guess we Indians love opposites! Oh and plus, the lotus on it? It stands for creative inspiration.
All our creativity has done is create the Idea ‘Walk ‘n Talk’ ad. Probably inspired from Gandhi’s epic walks and speeches! Well, ok, quite frankly, we are a creative lot and that is a plus point. Problem lies in utilizing that creativity. Our native art forms are dying and well, we’ve become much less Indian. Something again, I bet, our freedom fighters didn’t really want.

And ‘Satyameva Jayate’? A clean country, you say? India supposedly has the largest amount of black money in Swiss banks. Most of our civil servants (ironic name) do not care a hoot and will care only when he gets something significant below the desk.  Right now, many people are fighting to try to regulate that corruption. Whether that will work out or not is a different issue altogether.

Now you tell me. Is our country ANYTHING like how our founders dreamed it to be? We are just selfish, obese human beings with low self-esteem who try to control other people to appease the self-esteem. Pathetic.

Nevertheless, here’s to a brighter India. An India, which is cleaner, more responsible and friendly. One with really tops the world in Industry and Economy. One that is NOT anything above.
And we should be the people changing the future. We’ve seen the present and it sucks. Let’s show what youth can do to dormant India. 🙂

So, with hope, Here’s Wishing you’ll a Happy Independence Day folks. Let’s make India really Incredible!

‘Nuff said.
Peace Out \/


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