May Peace Be Upon You!

More that a month since my last post! Busy Busy Times!
So I had applied for IITM Saarang‘s Blog/Newsletter Coordinatorship and they had asked us to write down an article. And what a topic it was!

Write an article connecting:
Scorpion King -> Anna Hazare -> Rakhi Sawant -> LSE -> Insects -> Kryptonite -> Apple -> BRIC -> the recently concluded India-England test series.

With some 3 hours remaining before the final submission time, here is what I cooked up… 🙂


It’s a fast-moving world. A convoluted mess of technology and its slaves, us humans.
Competition. One of man’s greatest ideas and one which decidedly destroyed the concept of peace. There are many more such ‘peace-killers’.
For times immemorial, peace was never an option for us. Perhaps it’s an innate human attribute, to never remain stationary, top always push the limits and define new boundaries, while at the same time, effectively nullify our as well as others’ solitude!

Throughout history, we’ve fought each other, competing over land or people. And obviously, that nature of ours has translated to fiction too. Take the fabled Scorpion King, for instance. With his powers, he controlled a vast army. An army that obeyed his every word, every command. And just like any other human with supernatural powers with an army, he wrecked chaos, for even more power and perhaps pleasure. I wonder how much strife a warlord’s mind would be in!

Well, let’s do away with fantasy and zoom into reality. A familiar reality.
Anna Hazare. Now engraved into the annals of Indian history, he too influenced a truly massive crowd, in a quest to eradicate corruption from our political system. Considering India’s population, it indeed is massive! India was in unrest he was its leader. Guess who lost their sleep? The Government, of course! Many prominent personalities expressed their support; from Sri Sri Ravishankar to the (in)famous Bollywood performer and motor-mouth, Rakhi Sawant.
She made news when she branded Anna as the real ‘He-Man’ of India, but at the same time condemning Anna’s aides. One has to admit that the woman has guts. And she too has nullified peace in some people’s life. Case in point: The suicide of a young man who was humiliated on national television by Ms. Rakhi, herself.

Let’s leave the celebrities and see the average middle-class person. Our composure could get awry within moments! There’s out job issues, house rents, medical problems, family tensions. But, for everyone, a very common entity that peeves us is insects. Come September, and the reign of mosquitoes, cockroaches and other critters begin as the monsoons blanket the country. A sure-fire way to tick you off is the following, very common scenario: Rainy monsoon night, power goes off and there are mosquitoes everywhere. The mats don’t work, the fan refuses to budge and you’re just sitting there, getting drained off your blood! And they just never seem to die out! It’s almost like they had some Superman cells in them!
Perhaps some Kryptonite would do the job! (Or perhaps not!)

On more humanitarian grounds, various organisations around the world work day and night to lighten up the lives of the poverty-stricken. Take the case of the members of BRIC. These countries are deemed at an advanced stage of economic development. Yet, millions in these countries live out their lives painfully, always wondering where they can settle next and what they would be eating. Economic divide, is another major peace-killer for policy-makers, for NGOs and the affected folk!

While the rest of us are warding off insects, fighting poverty and checking out what Sawant is up to, another world is having a war of their own. The Business world. The London Stock Exchange (LSE), like many other SEs around the world, is a real battlefield. Brokers, buyers, sellers, companies; while one group jumps with ecstasy, the other tears their hair out! Such is the power of the stock market. Competition in business drives this anxiety. Just recently when Steve Jobs, the chairman of Apple Inc. (the company behind all iDevices) resigned his post as CEO, the steady growing stock hit a dead-end and stumbled steeply. While it has since recovered, millions around the world would have been devastated on seeing the plunge. Stock-marketing, as people always say, is a cruel, cruel art!

The list of peace-killers could go on, but no article could end without a bit of sports. Cricket in India is a religion. Compared to many events occurring world-wide, only a few, like the recently concluded test series between India and England, have made so many people freak-out and swear! India’s 4-0 loss devastated not only the squad and the BCCI, but also around a billion people in India. The team is now surrounded in thick smog of doubt and criticism from every corner of the sporting and even political sphere.
But as our ‘Cool Captain’ Dhoni always says with a smile: “We had a bad day. We took a lot of positives and will do better the next time!”

In the midst of all this, one really has to wonder how he finds his peace!


And that was that. I still havn’t received any news about the coordship though. Fingers-crossed, none-the-less!

‘Nuff Said!
Peace out \/


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