The Fall of JEE

The Indian Education System is renowned for its prominent blemishes. From the ridiculous tendency to favour rigorous rote learning to the utter absence of any hands-on learning techniques, we have one botched system. Yet, among all the ruins that is our system, there are some pillars that save India’s academic face – The IITs, the IIMs and the NITs. These are the ONLY institutions in our country that place India somewhere on the world map, which itself indicates India’s sad state of affairs! Keeping that in mind, the latest news by our own very great Mr. Sibal and his ‘team’  is nothing less than shocking!

From 2013, There shall be No JEE or AIEEE. Just one national examination, NAT (National Aptitude Test) for entry into all Engineering colleges; folowing the example of SAT in the US. I’m sure this will ensure holistic education.

Perhaps that isn’t an accurate quote but it does convey the required meaning. Under a crafty veil of development, this country is going to the dogs, at light speed (or greater, now that it’s possible!).

I shall humble thee!
This is how the cookie crumbles.

The brand value of the IITs have already been diluted with the opening of many new IITs, which, are not even close to being as awesome as the first IITs (Madras, Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Kanpur and Guwahati).
Here’s the problem. People very well know that these are not as good. They know less prominent companies would come for placements. Obviously, that means fewer people would opt for that, ultimately just wasting taxpayers’ money.
Milking the IIT brand will never work, Mr. Sibal. The awesomeness come in small, concentrated doses!

Normalisation seems to be the buzzword in Sibal’s office I guess. Everyone and everything should be of the same standard, he says.
The IITs and the NITs may have some below-par faculty is some departments. When compared to their international counterparts, they may not be able to boast of too many facilities. Sibal, very cleverly noticed this and proposed his solution.
To make things equal, we will now bring ‘average’ students. That way, we will have a level playing field.
How does he plan to do that? Paper dilution, of course! With paper dilution comes the inevitable reduction in standards of the students that get in. I agree, the exsisting JEE pattern isn’t the best or the most effective. But this is NOT the solution!

All these reforms are supposedly being brought about to cut the stress on the students. In the new proposed system, there will not be any boards for 12th either (He had already screwed up the 10th boards, which is just a nice distant dream to me now!). This means, an Indian student will be thrust into an EXTREMELY competitive examination, that would heavily decide his/her career, without ANY prior experience to pressure handling at all. Quite an irksome situation IMHO!

Oh, and about the fees reforms? Madness. An open scam, sugared up to seem harmless and even useful! A quadruple rise is preposterous! With an avg. IITians getting just around  ₹ 8-9 lakh and considering the insane inflation in India, most wouldn’t be able to pay it back soon!
And I fail to understand why this hike is only for the general category! The general cat. already went through the reservation screening during JEE. Why discriminate even in IIT, when everyone is already equal inside?
Politicians will be politicians. And we have to bear the brunt of their nonsensical attyachar!

Like it or not, JEE, along with Sachin Tendulkar is one the few given god-like status in India; simply because of the ‘name’ associated with the IIT brand. And now with news of its demise, the lives and dreams of an entire generation would quite surely be shattered. The by-gone generations would be dissapointed (actually, are disappointed!), as they know the value of clearing the exam and thus ‘earning the spot‘. And the spot too, will soon, just be another dream.

If he does want to make any useful reforms, he should start from the beginning and restructure everything in our primary, secondary and high schools. The junta who will enter Indian colleges, should not only have mugging powers, but also some creative and analytic skills as well!

So, here to IIT-JEE; the exam that defined me and thousands others before me!

‘Nuff Said!
Peace out \/

PS: References to many many articles in the same. 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Fall of JEE

    1. This is the reason why the budding talent do not want to stay in their country..These politicians are going to ruin everything do know the multiplications and tables but don’t understand why 2×2 is 4..there have been very few goods in the education system and thse illiterate morons are demolishing evrything rather then creating

      1. True that. Politics and education should never be mixed. And we’re seeing the effects of that mix now. It’s a sad time for Indian Education.

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  2. […] The Fall of JEE ( Advertisement Eco World Content From Across The Internet. Featured on EcoPressed A cheat sheet of peer-to-peer car sharing players Share this:ShareEmailFacebookLinkedInTwitterPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  3. DEEP

    Say somethings on JEE council who are silently nodding their head to everything that kapilsibal asks them to say & write

    1. True, the IIT council is lacking a backbone off late. With Anant out of the board of directors, there really is no one there to stand up and ask questions. Being a central govt. institution and since we are in India, it’s quite obvious that corruption will rear it’s head here too.

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