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It’s a widely held notion that one of the 2 things that can NEVER be related are Science and Politics.
Well, from my day-dreaming sessions, I intend to prove that wrong. What’d happen if we do mix them both?


Lets start with a simple law:

“In a given group of politicians, the sum of the sense of the group tends to be equal to half the sense of the politician, with the least individual sense”

Read that some two times and you’ll get the meaning. This simple law clearly explains why a group of seemingly intelligent and well-qualified people can somehow end up with really nonsensical and absurd decisions.
Is there a proof for this? Well, I do not think there is a stepwise one; the proof is more statistical in nature. Ever since the concept of politics evolved (i.e ever since man has tainted the world), we’ve always seen that people who were brilliant individually, once brought into a political group, almost always collaborated to dish out crap.
Ongoing Research:
To check if there is a particular number and also determining the conditions needed for complete loss of sense in judgements!

A long way up, up above the world so high, somewhere in the atmosphere, there is a zone; a zone where are all successful politicians spend their time. I call it, the fartosphere’. (Pardon the word, but that’s what I think fits! )
In the course of their productive career, they accumulate fart, or hot-air. The more they have, the more awesome they are considered. They keep rising till they reach the fartosphere. This is the realm of the irrelevant and outright stupid. Where similar people discuss on real-life issues which have no bearing on the real-life down below.
Every system tends to maintain equilibrium (acc. to thermodynamics). The fartosphere system also follows this rule. If you don’t have sufficient hot-air, you’re rejected and the fall, would be either gentle or harsh, depending on how big a hole you created! The basic criteria – The more practical you get, the faster and harder you fall.

Science offers many of other insights into Politics.

Newton’s Laws are obeyed ardently. Esp. the third one. Sometimes the reaction may exceed the action though!

Top scientists in the world (not influenced by Politicians; yes, a rare breed) are checking if the acute loss of common sense could be attributed to a viral attack. That would also explain the accelerated rate at which their peers lose common sense too.
Some also think that, much like migratory birds, politicians’ brains are also synced to some sort of (magnetic?) field and any small change in that field would result in utter confusion and disorientation. Critics of this theory say that, politicians are terrible at finding the right direction, irrespective of the time or the external situation and so, the ‘field theory’ is irrelevant.

With these very simple points, it’s quite obvious that politics can be explained with simple science and a jobless mind 🙂

A Science Student in an Engg. College. (Need I say more!?)


Quizzes were going on,  mind filled with long winding equations and a load of other, umm, stuff. You know, being sleep deprived works wonders really, one such wonder is what you read now. Btw, I got the idea from http://sciencepolitics.blogspot.com/. No, I didn’t really read the blog, but I liked the name and so a little research from the great Google and a boring afternoon class led to this 🙂

Peace out \/
‘Nuff Said.

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