Insomnia. Wakefulness . All mean pretty much the same thing. And we all have our own reasons for being so.
So, why so random a topic? I’ve seen so many people sleepless for various reasons. Being in a college environment, the majority of the causes are work and depression. Not so surprisingly, they are not (always) independent causes either!

Work is a very legitimate reason for remaining sleepless.
This type is the most common one in most engineering colleges. I say engg. ‘cos I do not know much about medical ones!

Oh and by work, I even categorize “Watching movies/tv shows/games”. But that’d beBusiness Cat speaks. sleeplessness by choice. 

Now imagine you have an exam the next day. And like the model collegiate that you are, you haven’t touched the books before. You’re left with two options. Either leave everything to the Almighty and hope for the best, OR, or you slog your head off and put a night-out (or all-nighter, whatever you prefer) to learn (read mug) whatever you can to salvage your not-so-near-perfect track record by vomiting everything on your otherwise clean (read empty) answer sheet.
This type is uniquely interesting. During the course of your night-out, you’d go through rounds of intense cursing of the related subject. Many end up with very creative words, intricately mixing every language they know and think they know! Group-mugging is very common, which usually involves lots of late-night eating, making fun of the profs and of course, studying! All this would culminate into a so-so exam and one of the most peaceful sleeps ever. 😀
You could call this as pseudo-choice, if you’re into naming everything like me. Pseudo-choice, ‘cos you chose not to prepare for the exam beforehand and you chose to put the night-out!

Depression (depro), is a much more serious reason sleeplessness. Prolonged sessions of ‘work-related’ insomnia could lead to fatigue and then depro.
This one is a pain, ‘cos you really want to sleep, but can’t.  You end up super-sleepy during the day. You have these (fitful) naps during the day, and then  you won’t feel sleepy at night!
A vicious cycle this is.
Then of-course, there’s the sadness/stress depro. Sleeping on a wet pillow is something very uncomfortable, I hear. Turning the pillow over doesn help much either I guess! I’m no expert here, so I’ll just say, find your peace somehow, and a new pillow! 😀

There could be many other reasons for insomnia. Check the link for more info.

All said, a night-out with friends, a movie, good speakers and lots of laughs is always worth it! 😀

‘Nuff Said.
Peace Out \/

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