On Kolaveri et al.

Yeah I know. It’s been about 2 weeks since this song come out. As soon as it did, I wanted to blog on it. Blame endsems for the lateness!

So the basics for the un-initiated. “Why this Kolaveri Di?” is a sleeper hit tanglish song.
Mind you, it is very shameful if you havn’t heard this song yet. Esp. since it has been played in radios across the globe. Perhaps even on some alien planets!

That hat. LOL.
WTK, bro?

2 weeks and over 9.5 millions views worldwide on YT. A 4 minute video clip of Actor Dhanush, crooning to the very simple koothu tunes by first-timer Anirudh has gone on to be broadcasted on BBC London, has been danced to at New Jersey clubs and has even been played in universities! And the song has undoubtedly taken prime spot as one of the best songs during a break-up. (From a male pt of view, primarily!)
The world is filled with Kolaveri  now. Every fb status, every hostel room and in a literal sense, in each and every one of us!

But why such a cacophony? I mean, Dhanush’s previous two songs ‘Voda Voda’ and ‘Kadhal En Kadhal’ were of the same genre, but enjoyed only regional success. What made this viral!?
For starters, the songs is incredibly simple. I mean, here is a song sung in local tamil-english, with no Shakespeare/Thiruvalluvar-level words. Just the voice of a normal man, normal heart-broken man, one with a very thin frame (Note: no 6/8/16 packs available!) voicing this anguish to other heart-broken people.
With 8mil views, obviously a sizeable no: of girls wouldve seen and liked this. How come?
If you’ve watched the video, you’ll instantly notice the feel that Dhanush gives while singing. The way he delivers the song doesn make it seem like a death-sentence for the females (like Kadhal En Kadhal); rather it’s more of self-loathing. The change in tone does the wonders!
Another very important reason the video got some popularoty would surely be the presence of Shruthi Haasan. Nah, don’t you deny it. The prettiness that brightened up the dimly-lit recording room would surely also have made some people return.

The most-important thing though? Well, I feel the lyrics is what made this the hit that it turned out to be. English words, peppered with tamil. The USP of this was the fact that Dhanush didn’t try the american/british accents to sing this. (Although he would’ve cupped badly at that!) Instead, he chose our madrasi lingo with elementary words ending with ‘u’  (lovu, cowu, nightu, moonu).
Not only did this make an instant connection to the local tamilians but also made sure, the whole english speaking world heard it.

Guess who won!? :D
Problem? #Trollface

Hell, the song even introduced a new word into our dictionary.

Soup boys – Boys with love failure

So, what did we learn from all this?

  1. Simplicity is awesomer than grandiose. In most cases.
  2. WTK is more awesomer than WTF.
  3. Girl-u heart-u black-u. (People have been saying that for so long!)
  4. I am completely jobless. #WinterHols! =D

PS: The pic and some content in this blogpost is from a note in FB. I tried looking for the link but I have no clue where it is now.

I guess that’s enough for now.  Do share it with your friends if you found it interesting 🙂

‘Nuff Said.
Peace Out \/

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5 thoughts on “On Kolaveri et al.

    1. ‘Post-endsem creative burst’ I’d like to call it. Other’s may call is joblessness, but this is waaay more cooler =D
      Thanks for the read 🙂

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