Awkward situations abound in our daily lives. Those unsettling times, when you have no idea how to respond are some of the most vexing moments ever. And quite amusing for others too! So how bout we look at a few?

Children and their honesty
So imagine there’s a family get-together and there’s this small, cute 4 year old scooting around and in-between your legs, pretending to drive a car. Suddenly, he applies the brakes, right in front of the family conference, stares at your uncle and says, “Are you pregnant mama?” (No offences meant and assume your own regional language). Or, “Why is your face so hairy?”


Or when you bought yourself a very expensive pair of aviators and she says, “Anna, why do you look like a fly?” Yup, you may have used up 4 months worth allowance to finally… look like a fly!

You know what I’m heading to. These children actually are telling the truth, by asking you a question. By asking if you’re pregnant, you (and everyone around you) realise that you’re fat; by pointing your that your face is hairy, you’re reminded that you haven’t shaved in a while.

Obviously, this can get awkward, both for the person in question as well as for the people around. Fortunately, parents teach their kids to keep quiet quite early, which does greatly control the truth outbursts. But when it does happen, there’s not much you can do to rewind your humiliation other than to laugh it out and pretend it never happened.
What’s funnier is when parents scowl at their children from a distance and the child screams, “Why are you looking at me like that? He is hairy only no?”

Raunchy Scenes
I’m not talking about the usual lip-locks. Those are now very mainstream and monotonous. I’m referring to actual sex scenes.


Take this situation. You’re on a date. And suddenly (or maybe not-so-suddenly, it depends!), two people, 20 times larger than in real life (perhaps even in 3D), doing it. The most common response is sitting tight, no moving in any direction and avoiding eye contact, esp. with your date. If you were sipping your drink at that point, the straw will most likely freeze in your month, which in itself may appear awkward.

It can we much worse. It’s a thrilling movie and you’ve been wolfing down popcorn and chugging Diet Coke in the litres. Now comes the love scene and you are desperate to go to the restroom.
And well, dirty minds won’t assume you’re going there to do the normal business.
Going with best friends is cool, cos either you all just share a laugh and ‘discuss’ or not talk about it at all (Former more likely than latter) !
Parents too can make it awkward. You’re watching the movie, the scene comes followed by the smile that just suddenly starts spreading on your face and boom, “Son, what are you smiling at? Oh! You should not be seeing this! Honey, look at what your kid is watching!”
Yeah, sex scenes. They add so much spice to your cinematic experience.

Clumsy You! – Tripping in Public
After living and surviving for so many years, one would assume to be skilled in something as mundane as walking. Perhaps that’s why it’s quite humiliating and awkward, when someone slips/trips in public.
This is a unique awkward moment, because it’s awkward for the faller as well and the onlooker.


The case of the faller:
Well, to start with, it’s just humiliating. You, my friend, have just failed at walking and everyone has seen you do that. How you fell is a whole different issue, point is you fell. What could you do?
You could avoid eye-contact with anyone. Most of the time, we stare just to see that expression on your face. Trust me, it’s worth the chuckle. But there are some who come up to you and ask, “Um, are you fine?”. Don’t worry much, they’re just being nice. They’d say the same even if a truck hit you.
What some people prefer is act like this is a usual thing, maybe even say that you were doing instant push-ups as part of your exercise regimen!

The case of the spectator:
Let’s face it. You want to laugh. So just do it. Trying to stop a laugh will just end up making your face resemble a monkey, all red in the face and with a sputtering sound from your mouth. What usually happens when you see someone fall? Well, first will be the ‘ :O ‘ expression, which is followed by the mob mentality of closing in to get a better view of the poor fellow. Now you’ll all crowd around him and look at what everyone else is doing. Accordingly, you’ll either laugh your head off, or offer help (If it’s a prof. who’s mentoring your DDP, the latter is recommended for your own good!). Last is the part where you look back at your actions. This usually results in guilt or more commonly, even more laughter.

So, folks. Watch your step 😉

‘Nuff Said! 😀
Peace Out \/

PS: Heavy courtesies to various blogs around. Many points have been borrowed from other blogs specializing on the awkward moments 🙂


8 thoughts on “AWKWARD~!

  1. just yesterday, i was walking outside with my sister and we pass this lady and her four year old daughter…the daughter had two huge bandaids on her forehead (yea idk)…and the girl asks her mom ‘wouldnt it be a miracle if someone was really young and they had a baby!’….

    her mom made this weird face….and so did i . (my sister had headphones on so she just saw the weird faces)

    1. Haha, kids! It’s that innocence that’s actually heartwarming! And they do say many things that could be very easily mis-interpreted by us ‘grown-ups’!
      Thanks much for the read 🙂

  2. The fall and the sex scene – perfect! It is even more annoying when you fall on a trek after boasting that you are seasoned trekker and resolutely refuse to hold a helping hand!

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