Pulse72+ and #IdiotKapilSibal

P72+ Favicon
P72+ Favicon

Let’s start abruptly for a change.
Guys, I’ve written an article on Int. Censorship (#IdiotKapilSibal) on an e-magazine, Pulse72+ .
Please do check it out @ http://www.pulse72plus.com. Page 6. 🙂
The emag also features the insanely popular online personality, @Sarcasan on Page 32 😀

About P72+:
It’s the brainchild of a good friend of mine, Deepak Srinivasan.
His idea, and the efforts of close friends, both from within our school network, and outside which resulted in, what I’d say, without any hint of publicity, a phenomenally fun read.

Cover of the 4th Ed.
Cover of the 4th Ed.

The content is super varied and fresh. No kulting from anywhere, guaranteed 🙂
Toon Tickles is a comic section where current affairs are subtly and satirically touched upon.

Topics range from  Tech, Fashion and Relationships to Manga, Politics, Sports, Cinema… The list goes on!

4 months and 4 edition old, the latest edition, the grand December/Year End edition, was released yesterday and had already garnered more than 5 lakh hits and 2000 unique views.
Student Power? I think yes.

You can follow Pulse72+ on twitter – @p72plus
And yes, there’s a Facebook Page too 🙂

Check it out guys, do share it with your friends and in your social circles.

‘Nuff Said.
Peace Out \/

PS: I’m on twitter too 😛 Follow me – @srdpsrknth


Any thoughts? Do share them!

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