Nee…Naa…Un Aalu… – Teaser+Poster

Well, as an engineering student, things start getting monotonous quite fast. The same routine of waking up, attending classes and labs from 8am to 4:30 pm, coming back, sleeping etc. can get vexing pretty quickly.
To break that monotony, we resort to very many things, waay outside the realms of engineering.

As far as I am concerned, I’ve taken to writing, dabbling in some graphic design and code the occasional app.
Then we (well, mainly 2 guys. But it’s still collective 😀 ) came up with the idea of making a Short Film.  And one thing led to the other and we released the first one, 1830 hrs to a warm reception.

This bolstered our confidence and now, we, the team of True Story Films, are proud to present the poster of our next Short Film, ‘Nee…Naa…Un Aalu’ (Me…You…Your Lover).

The name would make many sit up and notice. It’s conception was very impromptu to say the least. With all the shooting done, and while the dubbing was going on, the diro asked us for a suitable title. After dabbling through many ones like, ‘Vizhigalil Oru Vannavil’  and ‘The Chase’ etc, Sujidhar, the 1000 watts in our group, suddenly shouts out ‘Nee..Naa..Un Aalu’.
What followed was immense bouts of laughter leading to  unanimous agreement 😀

Chasing your hearts, this winter
Poster of NNUA

Click the link below for the write-up from the poster creator, my good friend, Hari:
Nee…Naa…Un Aalu… – A Short Film Poster

The film is slated for a New Year Release. Why New Year? Well, we thought, if 2012 will end with a bang, why not start with one too? 😀

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Theres one up in Facebook  as well 🙂

Thank you all 🙂
Peace Out \/


8 thoughts on “Nee…Naa…Un Aalu… – Teaser+Poster

  1. Hi Sree,

    Great !!!! Wishing you and all Buddies A Happy New Year 2012 and all sucess to the above venture.

    Cheers from Vinod/Anitha and all From Doha Qatar.

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