2011, AD.

Disclaimer: This look-back may turn out to be a wee-bit long. It’s condensed as much as possible 🙂 

It all started with the 3rd of Jan, a Monday and the first day of the 2nd semester.

Birthday:  The first few minutes of Jan 6 constituted 4 continuous rounds of Bday bumps by hostel mates. Epic was the comment, “So, does it hurt?” Treats were put, one at a local eatery and one grand one at The Rock (Velachery, Chennai), which obviously was also funded by 3 others, More, SL and Vamsi. Grand fun 🙂

SAARANG : As the Saarang key chain rightly says, “I lived a Saarang”! No matter what the seniors say, my first Saarang had some of the most awesome moments of the year!
Saarang is the only time the screwed up sex ratio @ IITM evens out (and maybe even tips over!) and hence, got to watch many species of birds at leisure 😀
My first concerts ever (Yes, first. Problem? Bite me.), KK  was a BOMB. Superb songs and a whole lotta dancing. (The dancing here formed the basis of the next point). Sexed out night that was.
This was followed by the Choreo Night. And the highlight here was our dear friend Allen, who came of age and skyrocketed to fame (He now has a group in FB n all! :D). Apart from them, I had some Vol duties and so, some time was spent (read wasted) there!
It ended with a Treasure hunt, which we lost cos

Even we can dance, awesome!

I didn’t know there was a second office to my department and a sorta drab Rock show before which everyone sold their tickets and ran home, leaving only Hari, Avin, CSS and me. Pretty much made sure I wont be buying RS ticket again! (Metal lovers will love, though :D)

The Iduppu Dance Troupe (IDT): Did I mention about our dancing? Well, it was perfected and showcased to everyone, on stage during the Hostel Nights (mainly Jam and Alak ). We named ourselves the IDT (Iduppu = Hip in Tamizh/Malayalam) and made sure we had a rollicking time, as the DJ upped the beats. 😀

India, World Champions: On April 2, India lifted the ICC Cricket WC, after 28 long years. And we, at college celebrated it with panache. Hundreds thronged at the Open Air Theatre (OAT) to watch the epic awesomeness; the cheer, the atmosphere is something I’m sure I will never forget ever.
For more on that, click here.

Keralite Beauty

Holidays and Twitter: Holidays in 2011 were a complete farce compared to the epicness in 2010, except for of course, the awesome trip to Doha and UAE in July and the one to Kanyakumari, M’lore and Kerala in December.
As is tradition, summer hols began with a thrilling movie, ‘Ko’ and the winter one with a mindblowing Tintin (3D awesomeness!). Little else can replace time spent with people you love! Wish there was more of that this year though!
That’s also when I re-dabbled into the Twitterverse. Found some awesome friends and fellow bloggers there too and am thankful for that! 😀

The TV Show mania: Less academic load (well, in my head at least) meant more time to put gen night-outs with/without guilt and thus began the TV show watching marathons. Through 2011, I’d have watched more than 7 full TV shows, each with an average of 5 seasons of around 20 episodes each. Some being hour long ones. (Personal best was completing 4 seasons of The Big Bang Theory in 4 days flat!)

Do Not Disturb!
Peace, atlast!

Acads and Sleep: Riding high on a decent 1st sem set up the perfect foil for an academically blah ,2011. 2nd sem was a 29 credit nightmare. Post Saarang, we were hit with one exam cyclone after the other, a torture that went for  around 30 days straight. Although 3rd sem was supposed to be peaceful, laziness played antagonist and well, it flopped too.
Sleep was a rarity on most days. The usual was 2am. Exam times are special and really show us how powerful our body is. 2nd sem had a ‘5 day, 16 hour’ period while 3rd had a ‘4 day 10 hour’ one. Epic blah they were! Here’s hoping for a peace-filled 2012!

Pulse72+ and Short Films: If you’re friends with me in Facebook, you might hate me for one of these!
Under the captaincy of Deepak, I was drafted into the Publicity dept of Pulse72+ which included some awesome guys, who were a pleasure to work with! Obviously, I did submit articles to the magazine which were, thankfully, liked by most! 🙂
Our journey into the camera arts was mainly thanks to the enthu of namma (our) terror director, Kow and Sanky. Super fun it was, making the  films, the second one releasing very very soon! (As of writing!). For more on the movie -> Go here!

Last but not least, Blogging: The most productive thing of 2011 was the fact I started blogging. Thanks to Srivatsan and Swetha for the inspiration to do that!
It gave me the re-assurance that I can do something worthwhile; has given credibility to the stuff I churn out and has been the ideal time-filler. It’s been a super 11 month journey, one that doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon 😀

2011 had loads more too, like Shaastra in which our team (Aswin, Goldie, Vimal and me) had qualified for the 2nd round of Junkyard Wars without really having any knowledge on Mechanical Engg 🙂
Tensions between friends and the like formed the epic lows of 2011.

In hindsight it was an even year. Perhaps one where the lows were a little steeper than the highs. And hey, it had the 11/11/11 binary date and all. So, no complaints 😀

Here’s looking forward to an awesome 2012. Hopefully, it’ll pan out more optimistically than 2011 😀

More than ‘Nuff Said 😀
Peace out \/ and Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂

Love, Deep 🙂

PS: I sure hope I can write the year end one for 2012, with the world ending and all. But why fear, when Rajni is here? 😀


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