It’s been a Year :)

Cheers to one helluva year! :D
1st B'day!

Hi all! 🙂

Birthdays and Anniversaries are some of the most special times in our lives. Today, the 4th of February is one very special day. For me.

It’s been exactly  one year since I wrote my very first blog post. 🙂

I’ve come a very long way since then (or so I hear!).  Scribbled a total of 36 posts now (incl. this one) and it’s been an enlightening and delightful experience.

There are so many people around who really have no idea what their interests are or are too chicken to do what they love to do.
They really do not realise  the sheer joy in doing what your heart wants. I knew that feeling last year when finally I started documenting my words!

Pre-DoWM all I really used to do was randomly pen down poems on any paper I could find at that time. Sometimes I’d copy it to a book, sometimes it just gets lost somewhere under a pile of old paper.
When in school, my English teachers weren’t  too happy with my writing. They said I’d never really be able to write well. (All teachers except one in my 7th grade told me that!).
I wanted to prove them wrong. And thus the blog. And from your response, I think I may have proven my point. 😉

Post-DoWM, people know me as a proficient writer, have been part of magazines and newsletters and a blogging group. 😀 I’ve made friends with awesome bloggers and have been exposed to a variety of opinions and writing styles. And I’ve written 4 short stories too!

I’ll sign off by once again saying ‘Thank You!’ to all who read this blog.
Hopefully, it just gets better from here!


“The desire to write grows with writing.” — Desiderius Erasmus


Any thoughts? Do share them!

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