Vday, Love and All That.

Well folks, It’s V-day. It’s that time when the town is red and pink, couples rule the streets, shopkeepers make a fortune and the RSS have their special day out.

Personally, V-day has been very important in my life. These are the very special days, when I sit down and prepare for ….the next day’s examination! Oh the countless hours I’ve spent, gazing at the pages of books and notes! 😛
Jokes aside, V-day really hasn’t been ‘eventful’ ever. To be fair, I’ve never tried to make it eventful either really.

Happy Forever Alone Day!

It’s real easy for someone single to be cynical about V-day. On one side, it’s is an over-hyped international event over which many guys and girls fret, just to get their valentine. If they succeed, they come out as victors and part of the Valentine parade. The people who don’t succeed, proceed to make days like ‘Forever-Alone Day’..
— —

Here’s some words of wisdom from a good friend of mine. Who is he? Well, let’s just say he is a fellow birdwatcher who prefers to remain anonymous due to popularity reasons. All I can tell for now is, his nick starts with SU and ends with JI. (A no-brainer really! :P) :

February 14th . I too, like most of the world, celebrate this day.  Not because I’m hopelessly in love with someone or anything but just because, it also happens to be my birthday.
As a kid, knowing that my birthday was a special day, celebrated by people all over the world sounded quite exciting, what with all these special movies lined up on cable to watch. As I grew up, met new people and when I told them “My B’day? It’s on Feb 14“, they’d be like “Ooo! Valentine’s day!! Ummm Ummm , gethu po (Awesome)!“ followed by a look as if asking, “Who’s the girl?“.
This is fun until you reach the stage when people around you actually start getting into relationships and you are still, happily single . The same would then go “Single ?! If only it was my birthday…“ and would then go on to narrate stories from their fairy tale life.
The thing is, if you ask people who are in love they say, “It’s a very beautiful feeling macha!”and well, I won’t really understand the feeling . Ask the same people after a break up , they’d say, “Don’t talk about it da. It was a bad phase in my life!” and again, I won’t understand the pain.
What I don’t get is how the definition of love varies with relationship status. Just to be clear, I too do think “Yes! This is the girl for me! I think I definitely love her !“. Turns out there is one such girl every few months!
The supposed feeling of love came for a variety of reasons! But as they say, love doesn’t need a reason. Not that I don’t believe in love or anything. It’s like when a person who doesn’t know to swim just prefers to watch the ocean. I too prefer to observe from a  safe distance, knowing clearly someday, either I will jump into the ocean or the ocean will inevitably get to me.
For all those out there planning to propose or do something crazy on V-day, your life history will be written as: ‘Valentine’s day ku munnal (Before Vday)’ and ‘Valentine’s day ku pinnal (After Vday)’Whereas the only change for me is, I’ll just be a year older!
— —
Quite sure there are many who share his feelings too (Apart from.. well, his b’day falling on the 14th!)

Fact is, even though we may be cynical, there’s no escaping the day. Although it really should not have any extra significance over other days, people are bound to ask and be asked, “Did you get your Valentine?” and “What did you do, this Valentine’s Day?”. Why that should matter to anyone else is a whole different story!

So to all couples there (public and hidden ones – yes, there’s no point hiding, trust me!), Wishing you all a lovely Valentine’s Day.
For the rest and myself, I wish the same. No one has really defined what to love on Vday, have they? As Calvin rightly said, ‘I Love Loopholes!”

‘Nuff Said.
@srdpsrknth and Mr. Popularity 🙂


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