Vampires and Twilight.

<No, this is not a story>

There used to be a time when Vampires were level with Zombies and monsters as gruesome and reasonably terrifying supernatural villains. 

The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer has become of one of the most celebrated books of the past decade. Many even claim it to be the spiritual successor of the insanely popular Harry Potter series. I do not understand how they could make such a brazen statement!

Sparkling. Really!?

As far as I’m concerned, Meyer has succeeded in making a lot of money and also, defacing the legend of the vampire forever.
The neo-vampire image is that of an exceedingly handsome man who is pale skinned and has an ‘enormously seductive scent‘. The modern vamp is a music lover with extremely specific tastes. He can now fall in love and protect humans. And and he sparkles. Like glitter. Like a damned disco ball.
Enormously scary, yes?

The classic ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker defined the vampire genre and the pre-Twilight (2005) vampire. They were depicted as savage surreal members of the undead, with a thirst for human blood.

That's a Vampire!

They could transform (into a bat and possibly anything else) at any point of time, had huge canines, have no reflection and most importantly: They DO NOT SPARKLE. And they do not knock up vulnerable teen girls. Unless they do that for some really horrifying reason. (Also, I do not understand how they can make them pregnant :|)

Vamps used to have an air of  classiness around them, transforming from regal individuals adorning coats and spewing charm to rabid and ruthless ghouls draining the blood of their victims; defeated only by driving a stake through their heart, beheading them and stuffing the mouth with garlic.

The present and all generations following may never know the true nature of the classic vampire. Perhaps, they too would stumble upon ‘Dracula’ first and not ‘Edward’.
The world would be a much better place without sparkly gay vamps glowing in our imaginations.

‘Nuff Said.
Peace Out\/
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PS: Even Sesame Street’s vamp was far far better than Ed Cullen. ( )

Written as an Entry for The Colloquium Blogjam. (Topic: Literature)

Wikipedia (I really havn’t read the Twilight series. Wiki helped me decide not to do so.)


10 thoughts on “Vampires and Twilight.

  1. I tried reading Twilight. A couple of times, on the recommendation of a friend. When I kept hearing raving about the Twilight series, I had no idea everyone was talking about the book I had to return to my friend barely read.

    It’s my hope that the next few years will see sparkly vampires losing their favor, among those who favored it in the first place. I hope/believe the vampire lore will stand much stronger than this more recent aberration!

    1. Exactly. One of my worst movie experiences was trying to watch twilight. For a while, I lost all respect for Vampires.
      The original lore should live on.
      Thanks for the read 🙂

    1. I usually do not let the movies decide the greatness of a book. Narnia and HP were shabbily done on screen. But Twilight was a whole diff. story!

  2. LOL i like this post!!! i was never into vampires and stuff and then i saw a twilight movie…and yea it didnt help.

    edward and bella are both blah.

  3. hahaha…very nice analysis i must say…though i like twilight series but liked your post too
    sometimes you have to put the logical thinkind aside while watching movies 😉

    1. True. Movies and logic don’t always go together. But, i dunno, the twilight series was special in that it really put me off! That’s why the overflow of feelings! 😀

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