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Nine Lives

Friends and Friendship.
Two words, whose meaning has been inscribed in us, ever since the very first smile.
It’s fun to look back at the times when we were kids; when you’re first best friend was the guy who shared his poori when you had bland bread. Since then, you’d have made many more best friends, each because of a different reason.
But, the one’s that you have when you are in your late teens, are the ones that (in most circumstances, mine atleast!) stay in your memory far longer and more prominently.
Perhaps that’s because apart playing games and sharing food, stationary and the occasional fist-bump, you also share your deepest thoughts with them.
It’s at that phase of life we start saying things like, “Friends 4ever” and “Friends to the End”.
It’s a wonder that all it takes is a simple mistake, a tiny…

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