A Few Milestones.

Over the past year, the adventures through the blogosphere has been one helluva ride. I’ve got to know so many people; supreme bloggers who write with such flair on a variety of topics.

This month has always been one filled with a lot of anger for most college-goers in India, courtesy the end of semester examinations that take place at this time.

I’d take this opportunity to mention some milestones reached. For starters, the blog’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DoWMblog) has hit 100 likes. Being a cricket lover, a century is always a super feeling! And my twitter following has (finally!) crossed 150.

I’d like to thank you all for your continued readership and I hope to conjure more posts with the same zeal, throughout 🙂
— — —

Something I didnt know was that there existed something known as ‘Blog Awards’.
I got to know about it yesterday when a fellow blogger Prakshi (http://prakshi.wordpress.com/) nominated me for the most Versatile blogger award. Thanks a lot, Prakshi 🙂

That'd be the first.

Yes, agreed. The award is not from any formal agency that evaluates your blog according to any fixed guideline.
What this is, is a very nice way to interact with other fellow bloggers, so as to build a good rapport between them and thus, perhaps mutually increasing traffic to the respective blogs.

Apparently, there are some rules to be followed when you get nominated for an award. One of those rules is to nominate 5 other bloggers for the same award. So, here are my 5, in no particular order.

  • G Hari – http://passionalia.wordpress.com/
    A very good friend of mine, who can weave magic in Photoshop. Some insane designs he is capable of making up! And he can fare pretty well with words too!
  • Srivathsan – http://www.tworightanglesmake180.blogspot.com/
    This guy is the epitome or ‘versatile’. He can literally do it all, in the virtual and real world. His blog has some really awesome writing. The highlight though, would be the ambigrams that he conjures up for every post!
  • Radhika – http://pebblesofwords.wordpress.com/
    This girl has some wonderful  magic in her words! She adds that something extra that makes her works emote beautifully.
  • Nachi – http://behindthatsweetface.wordpress.com
    I love the stories she writes, has some really nice plotlines, penned in the breezy manner i really love.  She paints too 🙂
  • The Salt List – http://thesaltlist.wordpress.com
    While it doesn’ really have just one blogger, the articles that are posted there are quite thought provoking.

While, those are just  5, there are so many more who make really inspiring work. Infact, in Facebook, I’ve a blogging group, where we bloggers share our posts and thoughts on it, just to encourage ourselves. It’s an open group, called Blogspout (https://www.facebook.com/groups/258489667550281/). So, do drop in a visit sometime.

Enfin, I have to lay down rules for those nominated apparently. So here are those:

  1. Paste the pic of the award.
  2. Mention the one who nominated you
  3. Nominate 5 for the award, with a descp on why you did so
  4.  Inform the 5 people you nominated.

— — —

Thank you all once again,
Peace Out \/
Sreedeep. S – (@sreesquared)

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