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A rant posted on 9Lives.

Nine Lives

Disclaimer: Incidents in the post are true and all I’ve done is take appropriate inference. All that has been stated/spoken below are mostly relevant to the adolescent age group (and people still stuck there!), and also from the Indian background. 

“Indha love eh, oru periya imsa pa!” – Close Friend

Translated, that would mean, “Love is a great irritation!”, and I’m sorry to say, that seems to be friggin’ right.
One of the biggest highlights of human life is how fickle they can be. The sane, intelligent and grounded person you knew, suddenly becomes a sniveling, philosophy dripping dwarf of a man.

I feel like I’m running in a field of roses, the thorns removed by our love“… This was one really cheeesy quote which a friend of mine enlightened me with. And another Devdas countered saying, “Your love is my drug, thorns will not…

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