4/10. Just another Sem.


Yet another sem has washed out.
Yet another sem that was 4 months long.
Yet another sem, filled with late night movies and tv shows.|
Yet another sem discussing everything from the big bang theory to how i met your mother.
Yet another sem spent cursing profs.
Yet another sem cussing the subjects.
Yet another sem with sleep-outs in class.
Yet another sem with endless nightouts.
Yet another sem with regrets about not studying earlier.
Yet another sem spent writing nonsense on papers.
Yet another sem with a viral song in Youtube.
Yet another sem filled with whining about the lack of quality females in the institute.
Yet another sem I blogged. A lot.
Yet another sem which has ended with ‘Parava ila machi, next sem pathukalam’ (It’s ok, we’ll see next sem)

Yet another sem which was just awesome, inspite of all that.

— — —

Yup, 4 out of 10 semesters over with. Just 60% more to go.

Deep – @sreesquared 


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