Rring…Rring! There goes the alarm,
Eyes open…blink…gasp!
Seems like the time has now come…
I wander by a lake, seeking serenity in action,
gaze at my reflection, one that does quiver.
Is this it; is it all gonna break?
As I stare, the more fainter it gets;
my image overhauled by glimpses,
of the past years of glory!

Although I was just, an active observer,
It’s still too hard to let go, to set loose!
Brought together by the winds of fate.
Our friendship built up at a brisk rate!
We’ve laughed; we’ve screamed;
we’ve tortured; we’ve teased;
we’ve ‘sighted’ and got our hands greased;
we’ve put Mokkais…AND WE DREAMED!

Oh! What joy those days were!
Will it be the same out there?
Just like our meeting, one so grand;
The sands of time transports us each, to a diff. land.
Will I see you again?

There’s a steady depression unraveling inside me,
The once steady downpour is fizzing out you see!
We’ve enjoyed a lot, in this rain,
survived the downs, without much strain!
Now see whats left;
A murky sky; a multitude of puddles…
Is it time to say Goodbye’ to the ‘Hi-5’s and the huddles?
No. These puddles are remnants revered,
of our friendship, that shall not be severed!

I dawdle along the beach,
Wishing these times were not no more,
I hope I’ve too left, my footprints on your shore…
Holding hands, we’ve moved on, from dusk to dawn,
clutching hard, those moments forlorn..
A core felt thanks to all of you out there!

*Je vous manque toujours…et, je ne vous oublierai jamais!!

I always have a lot to say…!
Guess its time, to heed destiny’s way.
Thus, I reminisce,
History repeats itself, they say;
Its been a while, my hairs gone grey…
Oh look! A little boy runs towards me,
clenched in his fist, an old photograph.

Filled with curiosity, he asks,
“Granpa, Granpa! Who are these boisterous boys!?”
My eyes well up, rapid flash back!
I wipe them off and reply,
“Dear, they are my friends…Friends Forever!!”
and he listens to our story, without a shiver.
Off he goes, enthused with ecstasy,
He goes on, to continue, Our Legacy!!

~Sreedeep Sreekanth


*I’ll always miss you…and, I’ll never forget you! (Fr-En)

— — —

This poem was written during the last few moments in 12th grade. I even remember that the following day was when the NTU (or NUS, some Singapore college!) people had come to canvas their campus as the world’s best, asking us to apply there.

It’s been two whole years since my school life ended, and with it, the end of one of the most glorious stages in my life. And perhaps, I could safely say, those of quite a few of my friends too.

The epic batch of 2010.

Somethings in life will never come back, once the time has passed. All we are left with are poignant memories of an epic past. Memories that, for most, would be treasured, till the grave and perhaps beyond.

This is a sli tribute to all those who made the last  years of my school life terror awesome. Thank you 🙂

Cheers and Love,
— — —


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5 thoughts on “Reminiscence

  1. …Is it time to say Goodbye’ to the ‘Hi-5′s and the huddles?
    No. These puddles are remnants revered,
    of our friendship, that shall not be severed!
    Beautiful lines! I have friends fr whom i feel the same and so i cn relate v.well!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Habiba 🙂 Don’t we all have these people in our lives? They make for some really quaint memories 🙂

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