A New Look.

Sometimes in life, you need someone or something to inspire you to do something new. And other-times, a change in surroundings is all that’s need to change your perspective of life and its vagaries.

In a few days now, it’ll be a year since I first  tryst with Digital Design (Yes. It sounds pseud. Not so much really :D)
My first real project was to change the look of the blog, changing it from the drab one that comes with WordPress to one based on this:

What it basically is, is two planets/celestial bodies colliding with each other, and the resulting explosion caused due to the same.
At the time, I felt it was significant with the name of the blog, the resultant chaos and debris from such an explosion being related to a Wild Mind.  Actually, I still feel the same 🙂
A matching background was also designed, cloud renders and stars included, all matching quite well with the overall theme. (Mystique it was)
2011 was a year I was obsessed with anything dark. It wasn’t a very optimistic year either, thus making the dark and dramatic theme perhaps apt.

Now a year later, after a conversation I had with a friend over in twitter, I felt it was time for a change in layout.
And so I changed it to ‘Splendio‘. Now the problem was, the bg and banner no longer suited the blog (pointed out by @Fullthrottle999)

The sun. In all it’s fiery glory.

And thus, the design you see now was born. A New Look. For I guess it’s time for some optimism is all our lives. Bright colours are quite synonymous with Optimism, I have heard.
And so, the bg had to be sky blue with borders of orange, matching the blue/orange of the layout. And yes, you can see my love for cloud renders again! 🙂

Such a design could never be complete without a Sun somewhere there.  The shining beacon of optimism was placed to the left of the banner, which almost seamlessly blended with the bg (if you don’t scroll down).

So yeah. Out with the old, and in with the new, as they always say 🙂

— — —


PS: Just like writing is a passion, design is another one of my passions, albeit a relatively new one. I feel that together, they can change the world. Just need to figure out how though 🙂


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