Satyamev Jayate.

This is an article that was published in the online emag, Pulse72+. You can catch the whole magazine, here –> Issue 09. This article, is there on page 10 🙂
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(Warning: This may offend a few. Also, this was written after the 2nd episode.)
About two weeks ago, something huge happened in Indian Television. No, it wasn’t another show where 10 people sing and 3 people criticize them. This was quite different. Here was a show that dared to confront issues in our society that were considered as ‘taboos’ in

Aamir in SMJ

our deeply conservative Indian households. And yes, it had another popular Bollywood star at its helm, Aamir Khan to shine the light for us.

On 6 May 2012, the first episode of Satyamev Jayate was aired all over our beloved country. And it shocked everyone to their cores.
Over the past two weeks, it touched upon issues like Sex-selective foeticide and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). The show discusses these issues, shows statistics and asks us, fellow Indians to come together and rally against these evils. Sounds good? Perhaps not as much as we think it would.

At the outset, I’d like to point out that I am a huge Aamir fan and that I respect him for what he is trying to do. The show is certainly a paradigm shift from what we usually see, opting to take the bold (and noble) path of awareness over mindless entertainment. If a conservative South Indian joint family actually openly discusses such topics in their households, the show has definitely done something revolutionary, to open our eyes and broaden our senses.

But what else good will come from all this, and how will it come? Frankly, I guess that is something we don’t ponder about much! We are, as a nation, sorely deprived of proper role-models and even the mere hope that someone, someone as great as Aamir is doing something worthwhile is enough to satisfy our messy conscience.

It’s quite amusing that many believe that just by watching the show and see all these evils being mentioned, they all will magically disappear and thus make us ‘morally superior’ in some way.
The show has become the beacon of change with Aamir holding the beacon. We have become so disgusted of our social/political representatives, when someone like Aamir comes along with seemingly no personal agenda, using his uber-influence for more than just a First-class ticket in IPL matches, we all end up looking up to him.
We all have shared and tweeted about SMJ, defending it and vowing to hate people to speak against it, I wonder how that would really help the cause.

An interview

Here’s something else that worries me. It seems most of us are just happy we’re all making a noise regarding issues we all hate.
So far, the topics taken up are those are do not have conflicted views. Both Foeticide and CSA are evils that are firmly branded as ‘Bad’ in our society, something that we all would abhor doing. So it’s quite easy to send that sms ‘Y’, without even having any real thought behind it. But if the show takes up a conflicted topic, one like Caste-based discrimination? Such a topic would really expose how scarred our society is, how divided we really are. The current univocity would then be quite shattered. Would we then given him the wholehearted support that we give now, even if that means going against our own sensibilities? That remains to be seen.

As an endnote, I’d like to say that this show would never reach its self-imposed goal unless there are real legal changes brought about to tackle these issues head-on. Facts and their inferences should translate into laws. And for that, we, the people should show our anger, more fervently.
It’d be sad if the aftermath of the previous episode gets washed out by the impact of the new. The fire must become an inferno and go forth. For, that is what a social revolution should be.

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5 thoughts on “Satyamev Jayate.

  1. But deep! Dont you think you said it yourself? “The fire should become an inferno”. Atleast someone lighted the fire!
    And I do agree with you on cast-descrimination wala point. the problems in india and pakistan are the same, and yes it is “forbidden” to talk about castes and religion! We tend to draw out our swords, unfortunately if some one states their opinion even.

    1. Yes, he has lighted the fire! Which is the reason my respect for him is immense! But how much we will strive to keep the fire burning is a totally different issue altogether right?
      We hardly ever strive for a cause. As long as we are happy, we don’t care what happens around us. A bitter truth.
      Exactlu, opinions are taken as gospel, and people would go as far as killing for mundane issues. Value for someone’s life is something that’s lost in our generation!

  2. I would like to submit my few views about Amir khan Sir production SATHYA MEVA JAYATHEY. I have been watching this tv show for the past 6 weeks.In this TV Show I realised the Agony faced by the married women regarding the dowry and Domestic violence. I have seen real lives of the gentlemen facing the atrocities from women also threatening the husbands to file dowry cases and dv act cases against them if the husband will not allow her a free lancer life without following family traditions as per marriage act.Amir Khan Sir is showing the facts of the women that is the one side of the coin.I request him from this comments to act impartial and watch the agony of the gentlemen from other side of the coin and do justice for genteleman facing black mailing from their wives. I would like to narrate a real life picture of married women who goes against the marital life breaking the breach of chastity to earn money. When husband warns she warns him that she will drag to the police station to file case 498A Amir khan sir this is a real Life not a business TV Show who acts according to the dialogues feeling acting as per your selection.Please check the reality in real life.

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