Girls, IIT aaaand Scene!

Ha! A dig at my college girls.
Imflammatory? Yes.

The Average Gunda

 “Eyy, look ! One super figure I saw that time near mess!” “Foreign figure ah macha?” “No, Local only!” “Oh my god!” “Wow, let’s go near and see”…..“Dai! She is that Red Bull selling girl only no?!”

This is TheAverage Gunda (TAG), reporting live from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and we have spotted what appears to be, a good looking girl! This rare species is generally considered to be extinct in this part of the city, overrun by the genetically common sappa figures. It has been touted that these are the girls who went missing when god was applying aesthetic touches to his creations.

But what’s fascinating is how these females behave and bond with the rest of civilization. Most think too much of themselves. This could be attributed to the epic ego boosts they get just because they (mysteriously) have double digit likes for…

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