The Rape of India.

‘The Delhi Gang Rape’ is now a phrase used commonly used in Indian households, referring to the shocking gang-rape of a 23-year-old medical student by 6 men in a private bus, on December 16.

There’s a 25% jump in assault cases just in the past 6 years, 17% in NCR alone. Everyday the newspapers reports of rapes of 18 years olds, 14, 12 and even 2 year olds. By strangers, relatives; sometimes even their own fathers.

To be frank, it’s nothing new. Rape and crimes against women have gone on rampantly all over India, perhaps many cases worse than this one.
But this was special. It has led the youth of India to initiate a social reform. To show their utter disapproval of the ways women are treated in this country. To show how crudely rape and sexual assault laws are formulated and implemented.

But why does this happen?
The reasons are not as simple as they seem.
The human race has prospered mainly due to campaigns and schemes to gain power. And rape is also, one such way to do so.
Most in India and perhaps elsewhere view rape as an act done for pleasure. On the contrary, it is man’s ultimate way of proclaiming his dominion over the other gender. As crass as it may sound, this seems only rational. No one would assault a 2-year-old looking for pleasure.

India is caught between the cross-roads of traditionalism and modernism.
While more women are getting emancipated, there are the remnants of the old order who really cannot digest the fact  that women can be equal to them.  To them, you’re a woman only if you clad yourself in a saree, make their porridge and produce their children. The rest are mutants, and need to be subjugated.

1950 was an easier time. The society collectively believed (or were led to believe) in the traditional way of life. Women were goddesses and kept on a pedestal. Women did not complain about their individuality, because that was against the society.
2012 is dynamic. Today’s youth question; they analyse and rationalise.
When the law-makers are still stuck in the 50s, the mindset is also bound to still be the same. Thus, if you get assaulted, it’s not because of the man, it’s invariably because you’re loose and/or a liar. The accusations levied on the victim range from outrageous to just out-right bizarre.
The dented and painted kind have no place in India. The political class of our land condemns the women for their ‘misfortune’, labeling rape victims as ‘sex workers’.
And even when the cases are registered, the law-enforcers verbally rape the victim, asking her to recount vividly the ordeal she went through and finally deciding that she should marry the accused and not file a case.

Yes. This is justice in India.

We do. They do. courtesy:

Are these revolts and protests of any use?
They should be. That’s the hope. The problem with us, is that our attention span is, for important issues, lower than a goldfish’s. If SRK and Salman decide to do the Gangnam style with only their undergarments and socks, we just may forget about this whole mess.

Join the cause, in your own way. Write, tweet, share, join the local protests. It’s time men shed the superiority complex they have over women and just start respecting them as a human being.
— — —

Today, the 23-year old woman succumbed to her injuries in Singapore. The Nation is outraged. The Nation condemns and protests. The Nation cries.

When our electoral representative do not care, when our police bats a blind eye, when our judiciary is pre-historic and when our society is rigid, it’d take something huge to cause that much reform. That ‘something’ has happened.

The fire has begun. But will it be sustained?
— — —

Spread the word, do your part.


9 thoughts on “The Rape of India.

  1. I just read your post and glanced on other posts on your blog, it was’nt long before I saw your post from another IITan’s blog about a “piece” who came for a fest.
    Charity begins at home! Start the change among the people you are with to before you start calling out for a change.

    Good luck!

    1. Just goes to show that it’s not the lack of education that’s creating this mindset. Perhaps that fellow has written it specifically to target girls in IIT. I’m pretty sure though, that is not the view of the majority in my college. I certainly do not endorse his view anyway.

      1. One of the first things that needs to be understood is that girls(as he called it) studying engineering and men attending arts courses in not an offence. No matter how “highly” educated someone is, certain simple things should be instilled in early developmental stages. But better late than never!

        What irked me was the opening statement, it said ‘just for fun’.

        And cheers for saying that you are “pretty” sure about the majority in your college.

        1. ‘Pretty’ because I’ll never be sure about anything that happens here. People portray themselves as activists outside, just to look good.. Only under a veil of anonymity do they show what they really think.

  2. here you know people want ,someone to lead dem like a hero,tht is why politicians are ruling but i think everything comes to a halt someday or other..but this phrase dosn’t mean anything to me now,this inhuman behaviour appears to be sticky,and it is gaining colour day by day, i want to kill those animals(dey simply cant be humans)…

    1. and really ..nice article ,it’s like you write your emotions,your feeling in to the blog space,.. admirable!!
      and yes law makers need to think now,and there should be strict enforcment of laws as well,

      1. Im glad you liked the article. Definitely, it’s just not human! And worst thing is, even now, its not getting better. Like that 5 year old who got raped recently. Delhi is just filled with such people it seems!
        And our govt, well no use commenting on them anyway! Almost seems like there is no hope left…
        Really sorry for the late reply, btw! Was held up for a long time!

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