2012, AD.

End of the year. Actually feels like just yesterday I had written the end-of-year post for 2011!
To be frank, event wise, 2012 was pretty much just like ’11.

The year began horrendously, with me getting food poisoning on Jan 1st. That subsided and the 4th semester began.

In complete contrast to the year before, 2012’s birthday was surprisingly tame. The night was spent with college mates; paying cards on Alakananda hostel’s terrace, reminiscing all the memories of the past year, mocking each other and their stupidity, taking random pictures and attending a dozen phone calls.
Yes there were the bumps, but I was able to sit the next day!
A good birthday with close friends. Guess that’s all you really need 🙂
And yes, the treat was put at Ascendas by Sanky, Suji, Gopa and I (I guess there were more. I really lost count of the people who came actually 😛 )

Saarang, Kurukshetra, Techofes, Orbitce and JIF.
Attendance were put in all these fests and sorry folks, but Saarang trumped them all bigtime. While K! tried to match upto the awesomeness of Shaastra (or maybe even Pragyan), Techofes was a bag of hot air. They even had Saarang’s logo in one of their stands 😀
Orbitce was chumma timepass visit. So was JIF. Time well spent though, I’d say. 😀
Saarang was the highlight. As one friend rightly said, “Dude Saarang! Candy for the heart, mind, soul, tongue and eyes :D”
The Iduppu Dance Troupe (us :P) moved to the fast beats of Vishal-Shekhar and DSP. Choreo wasn’t as eventful as last year. Met many people, old and new. Won 2nd in Treasure Hunt and my team won the paintball battle.
True, not as fiery as 2011. Oh well.

First was in March. A trip to Bangalore, Mysore and Madikeri with Sanky, Arithy, Arun and Nawin. Orey the gujaals only. B’lore was mainly spent with mall roaming and window shopping, mostly ‘cos we had only about half a day and ‘cos we basically had no cash. 😛
Madikeri is a quaint hill station, right before Coorg. Trekking, boating, rafting.. all the usuals were done.
Mysore Zoo was visited. And return to Chennai was put off.
Fast-track to July and the Long trip to North India happened. Delhi, Agra, Chandigarh, Shimla and Manali. FANTABULOUS only. Highlight was white-water rafting in the rapid waters of the Satluj. 😀
December saw me temple-hopping across Kerala and relaxing in Kanyakumari. It’d say good end to the year.
Oh yes. There was this Tirupati trip that happened after North India. Horrible experience. Plus they made me shave off my hair. -_-

— — —
Doomsday happened. Well, nothing happened really. The Mayans must be chortling their heads off looking at the stupidity of their descendants.
Dravid retired from Intl’ cricket and Sachin retired from ODIs. Ponting and Hussey retire from Intl’ cricket. Sad year for the 90s fans. 😦
Man. City manages to defeat QPR 3-2 and wins the PL championship after 44 years.
12/12/12 and Rajni’s B’day. The tribute was put.
The year will end with the ongoing protests regd.  #DelhiGangRape which became viral and caused the nation’s citizens to fight hard for the rights of women.
Satyamev Jayate, and all that.

Nothing else really  happened this year, personally.
2 sems went by. One meh and next pretty decent.
One internship at Ashok-Leyland was put.
More TV shows were downloaded and seen, as usual at epic episode rates.
Short films were taken, none as major as the one that was released in Jan (NNUA).
The blog is going well, this would be my 64th post once published.
A year when I wrote a more stories and poems than before. A year when I made friends with some awesome bloggers and writers from across India.
Ties with friends were re-knotted. Some made tighter, some loosened up while a couple of them snapped hard. Yes, as usual, the lows of the year would be that.
— — —

A good friend asked me few days back. “How was 2012 for you?” I replied saying that it was a mixed year, just like any other year. I was asked if I learnt something this year. “I haven’t thought about it” I said.
Now what did I learn? “Nothing is permanent”. Sooner we realize that, the awesomer we become. 🙂

Onwards to 2013. 🙂
— — —

Quick fact: 2013 is the first year since 1987 to have different digits. Yes, 26 years.
PS: No, I do not make resolutions. Ask me that, you get the standard reply. “Yes. My resolution is 1080p”.

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