Leading from darkness to light.
Light is beauty. Beauty is light.

I’m sure you all have done this before. You have a camera (be it a fancy SLR or a cameraphone) and you are bored, perhaps you are supposed to be studying for your test (because let’s face it, that’s when you are really the most bored!) and you start focusing your camera at the light bulb and your fan to see if you can get the least light or the individual fan blades. And when, after trying 10 times you finally find the right shade and the setting, you get a shot that makes you quite pleased.

This is exactly that. Me, a camera and a boring day at home. The lights seeping out through those folds and the shadows created, all with the backdrop of the false ceiling carvings created aa amazng gradient. It is surprising just how much you could do just being at home. Perhaps I should do this more often.

— — —
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