DSLR and all.

Awe and Some

As always. Black is for Shra/Some and Maroon is for Sree/Awe. 🙂
— — —

Note: Retort.  – To those who have been cribbing about too many so-called-Photographers on facebook, here is Your reply from a person who owns a DSLR. And, no, I dont call myself a photographer.

Ok, lets hear it then, Miss Owner-of-a-DSLR!
Lol. Thanks 😛

I was one among the lakhs who read your post and nodded to every line. But, hey, I’m one of the thousands you were complaining about too. Thanks to you and the other 999 you were complaining about, you killed half my enthusiasm to click pictures, which I regret now. So, yeah, this one is just to tell you what you can do, instead of cribbing on us.

Right right, what’s your point now!?
Can you like, WAIT? 😛 Han.

For everything else, there’s Mastercard. God! >.<
If you dont…

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The Ex.

Salutations folks!

Relationships. Ranks high in the ‘Difficult to understand‘ category, along with Girls and God! And face it. Break-ups happen all the time; especially so if you are in college, unless obviously, if you were (smart enough to) not (be) in a relationship to start with!

Post separation, it’s very possible that you end up being in many very dicey situations with your ex-gf/bf. In 18 odd years of my life, I’ve seen, heard and read quite lot about various ex-girlfriends and how they handled/tried to handle ( 😛 ) the situation. Continue reading “The Ex.”