Fitting Fate.

Hey guys,
So I wrote this Story-poem a while ago and thought I’d share it.

There was once a bear,
Who had lots of hair.
Her name was Harriett.
She was one who dared
To do anything she cared!

The 13th of May (2005),
Was to be an unforgettable day…
A ruthless man had arrived,
With whom, no bear had yet survived!

He had no pity, he had no emotion.
All he did was make a huge commotion.
Bears and hares ran helter-skelter,
Trying to find, the safest shelter.

Our Harriett, foraging through a stream,
Being wet, her beautiful fur did gleam.
It caught the eye of the nearby poacher,
And he stealthily began to encroach her.

Creeping, crawling, with wicked intentions,
He approached with his savage inventions.
And just as he silently took careful aim,
Harriett saw, paralyzing her muscular frame.

She ran, left and right;
The poacher followed, her on his sight.
He got his chance, she got stuck.
Poor Harriett, she ran out of luck!

He fired the bullet, out of the gun;
Struck her bosom, obviously she couldn’t run!
Lived happy, died miserable….
And then the poacher started, his acts horrible.

He took her body, with a fiendish grin,
With firm hands, he began committing his sin.
A small incision…remorselessly she was skinned;
Fur to be sold, his eyes with cash brimmed!
How pitiless could one really get?!

Her cubs waited, for fleshy fish,
‘Twas to be an everlasting wait for the dish.
Soon, out of four, only one survived.
His name was Harry….

The poacher, he sold the fur,
With loaded purse, he indeed did purr!
But what was in store,
Was murderous and more!

Nightfall…dark room. He was counting,
The money he had remaining.
A crash, a growl…he heard the cries!
Turned back…and he was stared at by a bear’s eyes!

Flames ablaze, hell in his room,
The unearthly eyes, gazed in gloom.
Blood, bones, fur, fire…all around,
Guilt…Pure guilt around him did surround.

And so, for 13 weeks, he suffered,

They're watching.

A fateful day, he went again to that forest, unnerved.
Reluctantly, set his trap and stood there.
Hoping to ensnare another bear!

Along came Harry, mother-directed,
To avenge her death and the happiness shattered.
Came galloping and snarling, he did,
The poacher stood still, as helpless as a kid.

A slash, a crunch, a grunt…then no sound…
The poacher, lay helpless and bloody, on the ground.
Therein, Harry had his revenge.
And Harriett’s murder…avenged!

-Sreedeep Sreekanth
10.23pm, 26/06/2010

(Btw, 13th May 2005 was a Friday…:D)

Peace Out \/

Any thoughts? Do share them!

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