G’day people!

It’s a  great day! Mom’s back home, and Ive finally managed to write a poem after a huge 9 month hiatus!
This is the first one I’m posting on my blog! Your comments are expected 😀

Why do you elude me?
For you I wander, night and day;
Peeking from and sinking into the sea,
Hide and seek, you play with me!
Ages have passed, wanting you
And every second, the mirage grew…

You should know you are ruthless.
With ‘The Sound of Music*’, I find
Fleeting seconds of happiness,
and then you are ‘Gone with the Wind*’!

To spark the flame of my imagination,
To lift me to heights of elation,
To unleash my inner potential,
I need you, in amounts torrential!

Months, it’s been since you touched.
Lo! In one swift golden motion,
Onto my head you’ve firmly clutched;
Immediately creating in me,
An awesome emotional eruption!

Inspiration. Once it comes, hold on tight! 🙂

Through my head, to my heart,
Down the veins, turning my blues to red!
This happiness, sweet as apple tart,
Compensates, for all the red I bled!

My world’s spinning again, I smile.
Finally, I breathe fresh and free.
Thanks to all, for being there all the while!
Now I can face the world, gleefully!
And as the mature in me feels empowered,
The kid in me, dances with ecstasy! 🙂

[*-Both were blockbuster Hollywood classics 😀 ]

~Sreedeep Sreekanth
2.12am, 9th April, 2011


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