Until Next Time

A rainy, unusual, gloomy day…
To think it’s all over,
I can almost hear you say,
‘You may now be a loner…’

I'll miss you.
Don’t let go.

Seems like it had just begun,
Your warmth, as caressing as the sun.
Pleasure, as my fingers ran through you,
Shows over now, I’ve turned blue…

Your scent, more enticing than success,
Calms me, during every distress!
It all now seems, a distant dream,
All memories, down life’s stream…

Your countenance, ever colorful and cheery,
Your disappearance left me, aimless and weary.
In front of me, bliss it used to be,
Felt like we could stare for eternity…

Your tight, well-clad exterior,
Perfectly hid, the hot interior.
As I delved into you, turning on the heat,
Right up until, the red and whites meet..!
Times when, it all was so spicy and sweet…

True, lamenting is of no use,
For this rhyme, you were my muse.
This bond will live; will heal!
One day, I’ll peacefully have my meal…

I should, I will make you return,
For you I yearn…sans you, I’d burn!
I relish you, your jus soo super!
Until next time, my first love….Pizza!!!..

~Sreedeep Sreekanth

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‘Nuff Said!
Peace Out\/

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