What can you afford to let go,
To seek the apple of sin?
’tis forbidden; indeed divinely so.
The pain, eating me from within.

See the fires making me weak.
I yearn for you, you know not!
Cease being such a mystique,
Stop binding me in so tight a knot!

Take me
Because you know you deserve more;
Someone who knows you inside-out.
Only you can stop the inner war,
Stop the incessant self-doubt.

With you…
I’ll have peace and sunshine,
The apple would finally be mine!
The wind would whistle again,
We’d know no more, any pain.
Dress the wound, stem the bleed,
Let us not into the darkness, recede.
— — —
This feel is rare, accomplished by few,
Dearest, come.. Take me with you…

~Sreedeep Sreekanth
21/10/2012, 4:33am

— — — — — —
Yup, back after a long hiatus with a poem.
This was inspired by many people in such a situation around me.

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One thought on “Yearning

  1. So, I see the hiatus and your comeback. A poem reflecting the thoughts and feelings of people around you. So considerate 😛
    Jokes apart, Nice one. As usual, I like the style 🙂

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