A mini poem I wrote couple of days ago. 🙂

Nine Lives

Touches turn to scars,
Dripping scarlet red.
Stranded amidst my wars,
Weeping as I bled.

Senses failing with each shot;
Insecure; in utter disarray,
Unable to stem the rot,
No matter how I pray!

Betrayal feeding futile rage.
Please, from my head, begone!
Go, taint a new page,
As I bleed on and on.

-Sreedeep Sreekanth
15/3/2011 2:33am

A pretty common feeling this is. And not a pretty nice one either!
A mini poem is sometimes all you need to sum up your mood in the best possible way.
This one, is not a personal feeling (thankfully). Thought I’d be a nice theme to try out and thus the poem.

Peace Out \/

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