The Dark

Eerie shadows cast under moonlight,
Treading softly on moist soil.
Footsteps echoing in the night.
The moor taunts – it lay bare,
An uneasy chill fills the air.

Vacant canopy; savage, shrill scream.
Ghastly visages through the dark.
Lurking in a deceptive dream.
Skeletons of glory decorating fear,
The forward misty, unclear.

Tainted waters smirking in the glow,
Caressed by cold, ominous winds.
Trudging against the biting flow.
Arriving at the inevitable crossroad.
Guided by vile grins from an evil abode.

Flickering vestiges of valour,
Slicing through the vile foliage.
Infusing colour to pallor.
Trying no more to mourn,
Witnessing the first rays of dawn.

~Sreedeep Sreekanth
6:34pm,  3rd March 2012.

— — —

Twitter : @sreesquared

2 thoughts on “The Dark

    1. im not in that mood n all actually. i wanted to write a poem. for long i’ve been wanting to write sth with dark undertones. so i forced my self whole of ydy and today to be in that mood 🙂

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