Naturally Perfect.

What a sight to behold!
A true treat to the eyes.
With colours bright and bold,
The peace and calm, its just so nice!

Greenery, thick and lush,


With lively hues and sparkling views,
The river Orient does bubble and rummble.
Surely, a natural force you can’t refuse!

There flies a cuckoo, her voice sweet,
perches on a sal, as elegant as a queen.
Her tone tingles…extremely neat.
A goddess in bird; wonderful to have seen!

A pleasant, cool breeze blows,
Each blade of green grass gracefully sways.
The dews, soft and frosty, lie on the rose,
Petals, red and shining; my love with nature will always stay!

The towering valleys, the shimmering lake,
reflects; showing underwater hills and trees.
Fragrances, as sugary as a cake.
Enjoy, this is how it really feels to be freee!

Joy! The rain comes poring down,
Each drop, bathing every body and spirit.
Foolish man…go and fight for the crown…
This peace…this calm…it is truely infinite!

When will people learn,
Only Nature can provide unity and amity?
Oh well…let their hearts burn,
While I, I remain in perfect tranquility!

~Sreedeep Sreekanth

— — —

Deep- (@sreesquared)

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