A Lively Philosophy.

Worth a thought.

Isn’t life itself a grand philosophy…?
win or lose; love or hate,
around the globe; across the state.
It’s a journey; erratic in its rate…!

Try, try and again try,
even when you are flying high.
For misfortune, could well be lying by…!

We know no more nor less,
we may or not heed to what it says.
Hopefully, we won’t end up in a mess..!

We may or not strain,
we might or not gain.
It engraves us all in our mind’s window pane…!
and we strive…to walk the right lane…!

Me, no. I’m not yet insane 🙂

~> Sreedeep Sreekanth

The first stanza of this was written on a Srivathsan’s journal and well, I just completed it later.
All comments are welcome. Do share if you felt it’s worth it. :)

‘Nuff Said.
Peace Out\/

Any thoughts? Do share them!

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