Enter Year 2

The jungle. Get lost in there!

“Hey mama! What’s your CG?” – “Machi! Inniku we’ll put movie nightout?”

Ah, yes! It’s been about a full week since the reopening of IIT-M after an n long vacation and it feels great to be back! The first feelings though, were not so awesome.

3 months at home, with home-cooked food, with your family and your own cozy bed. School friends and fond old memories. And here I was, leaving all that behind and going deep into the heart of the jungle that is IIT-M.
But around 1 km into the jungle, the Insti-ness in me kicked in. I was once again, going to be in the awesomest campus around, with a really cool set of friends. Back to LAN gaming, very late night movie watching, group studies, the various co-curriculars, and the acads.

The best part though, was that I wasn’t a freshman anymore. I was a 2nd year Dual Degree Engg. student. And that it self was worthy of some pride.

Yup! About time too!

It feels great really, when a fresher comes and addresses you as ‘Anna’ and when you’re not the receiving end of the famous line, “Oye Freshie! Put Intro!”
That feeling of superiority was something which wasn’t there last year, and now I realise how awesome it is to have that. Everyone knows that freshmen are the life of every university. They are the most energetic, curious and in short, the most enthu-max of all junta in a uni.

And it is our job, as former freshmen and present seniors to guide the 1st years. We are the ones who should make them comfortable. Since most of us live in a hostel environment, it would be difficult for then to quickly adapt to hostel life.
Infact, it is tough even for many seniors to get into the hostel groove after an epic 3 month vacation, so imagine the case of the freshies!
So yeah, it is upto us to make them feel like home. Imbibe that undying hostel spirit in them, and plant the seeds of Insti pride in them. It’s upto us to make them competent enough to take part in Insti level discussions and to shed away their inhibitions! And yea, to intro them to Insti-lingo! 😀

And personally too, 2nd year is a relief, from the 29 credit horror we had to face in our 2nd sem! Now with most afternoons free and most of us having single rooms, life is waay more peaceful and fun! We have more time to do things we like too now, WITHOUT feeling guilty! 😀

Migrating from mess to food court was a great decision we took, for the food is now eatable and we all are in the same place! So more fun while eating good food! And IIT seems to be experimenting in the food court! Seems like women are also allowed in now!
How well will this go? Have to wait and watch I guess! 😀

I’m gonna keep this short. Mainly because the sem has just begun and I’ve really no idea what else is in store for us!
And like everyone else, I too just hope that it’ll be N PEACE. 😀

Peace out \/
‘Nuff Said.


Any thoughts? Do share them!

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